Booming …

I don’t know how long it took for the behemoth to be born in this secret land. The marginal strength of the body is absolutely not something that can be said in one sentence or two.
Needless to say, Yuan Heng is now the first monster in the universe to cut roads retrograde, which is a taboo.
At this time, the two scruples have produced a huge wave of virtual riots, which turned out to be a gap in this almost closed small world!
A stuffy hum at the end of the day, Yuan Heng still suffered a hasty defeat, but after all, he could not compare with his opponent’s accumulated strength.
What’s more, in this head-to-head confrontation, the strength of one’s real size highlights its importance.
At the very least, although the giant hands issued by both sides were annihilated at the same time, the shape of the reaction behemoth was only a little shaken.
But Yuan Heng was thrown away as soon as he got there, and went towards the gap.
Yuan Heng naturally refused to be so embarrassed that the inexplicable power of direct great laws was in Yuan Heng’s body to settle down.
Unfortunately, things are not so simple. The will of the world has been prepared for so long, and naturally it will not miss such an excellent opportunity.
An inexplicable force in the void "gently" pushed a direct into the unknown void in Yuanheng …
"good! Don’t blame me if you can’t find it behind the scenes but you show up now! "
Once again, he was blinded by the will of the world, and he was furious with perseverance. At this time, the situation made his heart feel wronged to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seven monarch!
The body power is endless, and a creative idea arises spontaneously.
Yuan Heng’s heart has just been broken into a virtual gap, and it is unnatural to beat up. An ominous premonition hangs over my heart and I don’t want to know that it will be a big loss if I want to be beaten.
I almost don’t want to reverse myself, that is, I have learned something about myself recently, and my fist has continuously blasted 36 punches backwards.
Although it’s just a fist that makes a breakthrough, it’s 36 consecutive punches that show the style of boxing, and its violent intention is directly shattered, which will directly push back the world will whether it will come or not in the rear.
Although the shape of the world will be hit head-on by the wind that contains Tao-opening boxing, it will never feel good.
Although Yuan Heng can’t see it, just the mysterious fluctuation that has shrunk by nearly a third can make Yuan Heng understand that he will still be hit hard.
Just when Yuan Heng was about to return to break away from the virtual crack, the behemoth actually blocked the entrance to the crack and blocked the crack directly from its forehead!
The huge horn surface is full of shocking fluctuations, and a tunnel that destroys the sky is blooming. In front of this fluctuation, Yuan Heng can’t help but feel a little haze at this time.
The original has been broken once, but it was broken again in front of this unicorn.
Yuan Heng, a trance, saw something different from it. He had never seen that it could be broken even though it was empty!
"ah! Create the world! "
A trace of death deepens with the cohesion of the behemoth. Yuan Hengbai must not go like this.
Not the kui is a poor potential. Once you feel this death threat, no one can predict how much the potential explosion will produce.
The will to return to the realm avenue will make Yuan Heng never have the slightest distraction even in the face of death threats. Instead, he will carefully look for the boundless chance of life in this threat, and his mind will be unprecedentedly condensed.
A brand in the depths of memory swept Yuan Heng’s awareness of all kinds of Tao-opening, Yin-Yang-opening, Light-opening and Time-opening over the years … Finally, Yuan Heng’s own eternal glory-opening, meaning-opening was the only fusion!
Who can be a great power without the spirit of being afraid to open a road by himself, even though he has died a thousand times and has no regrets?
An unprecedented fierce breath emerged in Yuanheng, a kind of map that Yuanheng did not have in the past, as if it had been buried in Yuanheng’s memory years ago!
A blur can’t see whether it’s like an axe or a sword or not, and the virtual shadow is formed in Yuan Heng’s hands!
As Yuan Heng moves, the beast can’t resist. Both sides move at the same time!
At this moment, the virtual blasting is sweeping through the emptiness, and even the small world suspected of being left by the Taoist ancestors is violently turbulent, and even the ubiquitous road marks are annihilated in this terrible power.
"Poof wow …"
At the center of the explosion, Yuan Heng finally gave in, but he spit out a whole mouthful of JingXie!
This destructive power is so vast that it directly breaks the wall of Xuanyuan Water Control Banner and then breaks Yuanheng’s eternal immobile body, which directly hits Yuanheng hard!
Once again, I took one look at the small world, Yuan Heng. Even if I don’t want to be unwilling, I can retreat. At this time, I have been completely hit hard. Even if I return to the small world again, I can be suppressed by the will of the world.
Looking at the hands of fuzzy virtual shadow magic Yuan Heng eyes a malicious once again highlight a JingXie spray on the surface.
The magic of the virtual shadow once again stared at a point, no longer disintegrated, and then followed the last effort to realize the kind of virtual broken light and severely faced the virtual barrier with a stroke of inexplicable power. It can be said that a virtual ripple appeared in front of Yuan Heng.
Glanced at this ripple and sighed. If it weren’t for the fact that the situation was really too crisis at this time, would he try this kind of immature practice that just took root?
It’s a pity that if you don’t leave yourself quickly at this time, I’m afraid it won’t be a heavy blow but will shake your foundation.
So Yuan Heng no longer hesitates to fly in and disappear …
"At any rate, we were fellow practitioners once and now, and you killed us all?"
Qing Ming, armed with a sword, looked at them and surrounded them. In the past, his kin felt bitter.
"Qing Ming, I don’t want to do this either, but I, the Qinghu people, were created by the ancestors and came from the avenue of practicing the ancestors. Now, you are going left into the longevity patriarch and the elders. You’d better wait with me and go back. I’ll plead in front of the patriarch!"
In fact, Chang Xiang is willing to die for these relatives, but the heads of families and elders have given orders to die and he has to do so
"When I hold these people back, you lead them to break through the encirclement and escape!"
Qing Ming looked at the long term and looked white. Things were irreversible, and her determination was given to her companions.
"But the boss …"
All the people were worried at once. Qing Ming’s strength is really strong, and almost the same level of opponents, but according to the present situation, they will die. At this time, their kin will not release water again.
"This kind of situation has already decided that I am the leader at the beginning when other practices are beyond the ordinary dust!"
Qing Ming didn’t know the consequences, but when he chose to pursue this road, he had expected the ending today, but he couldn’t watch these people who were willing to follow him die together!
"Go away!"
A roaring green ghost suddenly shot the sword in his hand and felt that the master’s will exuded a sharp, huge and aboveboard breath and directly tore a mouth!
"Hum, get him for me!"
"Qing Ming, since you have chosen this road, you should bear the consequences!"
He sighed silently in his long heart, but he didn’t recognize that the other party could really walk away. Now there are seven immortals and hundreds of scattered immortals here, and the other fairy series master only has the other party!