Those ghosts in the gathering of Yin banners were received by Tianshi people after decades of hard work. Now that we know that we can’t treat the ghost king, we naturally refuse to be swallowed up by him.

The motive method is to take back the gathering banner.
The ghost king saw Juyin’s banner fly away and took away the food in his mouth. Of course, you won’t let Tianshi people have a harsh sneer at his mouth. Suddenly, his arms crossed and there was a violent shock. From the ghost king’s body, two huge palms came out. Grasp the yearning to fly back to Juyin’s banner.
Although the giant palm is entangled by black gas, it contains explosive force. When it is caught in the giant palm, it cannot move for a while.
The stone man failed to recover his efforts, but he was anxious. His forehead was faint with sweat.
However, he didn’t have the disorder to see the strength of gathering Yin’s banners. It’s really a law to recover. He couldn’t help but move the ghost of gathering Yin’s banners again. He kept biting at the two spiritual hands transformed by the ghost king and shouted to them again.
"The ghost king is too powerful. Let’s attack together, or we will be trapped in this misty maze all the time unless the ghost king removes us."
They smell speech and sigh in their hearts. Although they know that Tianshi people mainly want them to pin down the ghost king and take back the gathering of Yin banners, what he said is also true.
Since they are all trapped here, everyone is not idle.
Thought of here, Yang Xiu and others have made moves to the ghost king.
Master Miao still commanded the Buddha python to attack the ghost king.
The Buddha, the light, the ghost and the fog restrained each other. Seeing the Buddha and the python coming, the ghost king was disgusted with the Buddha and the python from the bottom of his heart. He eliminated this discomfort, and it suddenly spewed a cold and extremely black flame from his mouth.
As soon as the flaming Buddha and python meet, they immediately "scoff" and erode each other.
However, in the end, the golden Buddha python became more and more dim, and it felt like it was shattered by the flame.
Just as the Buddha python attacked the ghost king, Debye released a monster beast from the beast bag.
This monster is really strange and looks like a macaque, but it has no tail.
The most striking thing is that it has three eyes, in addition to the normal two eyes, there is also an eyelid in its forehead, but it is always closed.
"This is a natural’ three-eyed macaque’ that breaks souls and exorcises ghosts!" Miao Zen master kept an eye on the crowd at any time. When Debye released the monkey, he couldn’t help showing a trace of horror.
Debye’s mind pointed a finger at the ghost king. Suddenly, the eyes in the forehead of the three-eyed macaque suddenly opened and shot a red light like substance from this eye and then shot at the ghost king in a blink of an eye.
Although the red light is small, it has a special place to ward off evil spirits, and all the ghosts and fogs everywhere dissipate.
When the Ghost King saw it, he was not only surprised but also angry. He immediately threw a black jade skull at the red light.
The skull is like a living creature, and its jaws keep clicking.
Open your mouth when you see the red light coming, and suck all the red light into your mouth.
Although the red light was exhausted, the skull was not necessarily better than howling all the time, and then another red mans came.
Mrs Meng and Taoist Hua Lian looked at each other silently and raised their hands, respectively, to give the Ghost King a fist-sized white seal and a cross-eyed big green mans round bead.
Yang Xiu took out Yun Jian and flew straight to the chapter.
At that time, the magic weapon gave off dazzling light, and the scene was very lively.
The ghost king laughed wildly when he saw this instead of being afraid.
Chapter 10 Day Ghost
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Suddenly there was an evil wind blowing around the ghost king, and all the black gas was swept away.
Show the true face of the ghost king inside
After Yang Xiu and others see each other clearly, their faces suddenly changed and they took a deep breath.
At present, the figure of the Ghost King is three feet tall, and his head is as dark as a basketry. His arms are slightly curved and his horns are suddenly long, and his right hand is holding a giant long-handled sickle. It is because of the evil spirit that the breath is horrible and abnormal.
Damn it, Wang Qing’s face was white and his teeth were exposed, and his black lips were black, red and purple, and his long tongue was full of thorns. It was like a poisonous snake spitting letters.
Moreover, when its earlobe bites a black jade skull, blood flows out of the skull mouth and drips all over the body along the earlobe.
The ghost king is unusually shriveled and has a dense fish-scale black shell.
What makes people even more chilling is that there is a big hole in the sea bowl in its belly. A white baby is sitting in the hole and laughing at everyone. His face is pink, chubby and cute, which makes people can’t believe that this baby is a monster living in the ghost king.
However, when the ghost king touches the baby with ten fingers that grow nails similar to bone spurs, the baby sucks on the sharp nails.
Seeing this chilling and frightening picture, Yang Xiu and others are monks, although their hearts are still tight, and naturally they will not be scared.
However, the magic weapon attack in the hands of all people is even more compact, and it is attacking to reveal the ghost king.
The body of such a large ghost king seems to have no weight, and it is very clever between reality and reality.
I saw the magic weapon attacking, advancing and retreating, interspersed with whereabouts, wandering and uncertain, and all the magic weapons could not even touch the skin of this ghost king for a while.
The ghost king easily defends the enemy, but also growls and commands the sickle that is condensed by the evil spirit. It is very difficult to chop it at Yang Xiu and others from a tricky angle.
Seeing that the fierce sickle of the Ghost King is like the top of Mount Tai, and Yang Xiu controls the fall of Yun Jian, which dare to attack is to protect the body with a tight sword dance but seek self-protection.
And at the same time, offer a waiting opportunity to bind the ghost king.
The Tianshi man took advantage of the fact that everyone attacked the Ghost King at the same time, but he had already collected his gathering banner and dared not use it against the Ghost King again.
Instead, a new nail and a hammer are offered. Whenever the Tianshi man controls the hammer and knocks the nail, a purple thunder will be emitted from the top of the iron. It is said that there are not many styles of thunder instruments in Zhongtian Raytheon, but the purple thunder ghost king does not dare to block it physically.
Miao Zen master Buddha python has long since returned to the hands of glaring arhat, but instead, he glared at arhat and ran to the ghost king in a Buddha tiger.
The size of the Buddha and the tiger is not the same as that of the ghost king, so he waved his claws and followed the ghost king to fight.
The ghost king’s sickle and machete hit the Buddha and tiger with a bang. Although a lot of Buddha and tiger’s Buddha’s light were scattered, if the ghost king was bitten by the Buddha and tiger, it would be a bloody place.
Although Dibai three-eyed macaque is a kind of spirit beast that can ward off evil spirits, after all, the limited red light emitted by young people can hinder the root of the Ghost King a little, but it will not cause any substantial damage.