"Strange exactly run to where go to? “

Eyebrows a pick, she is not looking for each other to get back. After all, this matter seems to be wrong first.
By this time, she finally gradually cleared her mind, and there was no doubt that this should be the case-
An unknown Taoist friend stayed nearby and felt that he had a lot of fate with himself. This little guy happened to be besieged by those gangsters. At the most critical moment, this little guy broke through the limit at one stroke, but he almost ran out of oil. The Taoist friend was ready to wait for his blow, but after he wished, he took this little guy and quickly recovered from his wounds.
Only to be interrupted by his sudden appearance, which led to this little accident …
Therefore, this unknown Taoist friend left in a hurry to save the little guy who was destined for him after giving himself a blow …
She is naturally free, and if it doesn’t matter to herself, it will only matter, but now it is obvious that her fault is to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and eleven The amount of robbery
She is very white. For these innate abilities, this kind of whim is very important to them.
Generally speaking, this kind of induction that can cause painstaking efforts is in line with their avenue and has great benefits.
It can be said that this is better than most peerless geniuses in the race they created, and many of them are almost comparable to the kind of peerless geniuses born from the explosion of billions of dollars in the race they created, which can be said to be their natural brothers.
At this time, Wang Shu realized that he was wrong first, so he couldn’t let it go.
Although the little guy is not completely dead, their cause and effect are not great. She can see these causes and effects completely, but it is not her character.
"What’s the matter? I can’t find it. It is reasonable to say that this Taoist friend should still be in this world. His lunar algorithm should be able to find out each other according to cause and effect … "
After a long time, Wang Shunai opened her eyes. She really didn’t expect the other party’s realm to be so high that she could easily erase all her traces directly. The theory of causality, fate or communication avenue failed to catch a trace.
So in the end, she was able to lock her eyes on these little guys, and all the causes were caused by them, which made her angry
What she hates most is this kind of bullying. What’s worse, she let herself offend a colleague so severely.
"Hum! I hope you can give me enough clues … "
At the junction of the East China Sea and the North China Sea, the scale alliance and the North China Sea four-nation Coalition war finally started.
With an inaudible noise from ordinary monks, a mysterious fluctuation spread to the whole universe.
This is a natural causal entanglement …
This is the gathering of this amount of robbery and killing …
This is also a great cleansing of the universe by the will of heaven and earth, cleansing those creatures that have negative effects on heaven and earth.
At this moment, almost all the monks who picked up the series of gods felt that the first amount of robbery finally started.
If you don’t have anything at hand, you can pay attention to the development of the situation remotely through your own means.
"Hey hey, so that’s it!"
At this time, several great powers in all parts of the wilderness have expressed their feelings that "it turns out that there is such a benefit in the robbery!"
All the temples communicate with Yuan Heng, a treasure of fortune. With this treasure, the changes of heaven and earth will be more obvious.
Even Yuan Hengzun, who is far away in the celestial world, interrupted himself at this moment, closed his eyes, which were full of mystery, and then an immortal will bloomed from his body, and when the eternal will penetrated, he rushed directly towards the vast mainland.
Hou Zun directly closed his eyes again and closed himself again.
A vast and majestic eternal will in the temples poured directly from the void and merged into the incarnation of Yuan Heng Yuan Ling.
This will is so huge and mighty, with the suppression of the virtual world, eternal and immortal, and the vast side road is no longer enough to form this will.
The temples were shaking in this will, as if they had a feeling of collapse.
In this sudden will coercion, whether it is the same yuan spirit incarnation projection or the real body here, I feel a pressure on the gods to stop their own things and try to resist this coercion.
"What happened?"
The gods are startled to see that in the center of this will, the glorious Lord’s direct momentum has changed greatly, which is like swallowing the world’s tolerance and rising to a higher level. Looking at him is like looking at the avenue. "What happened that the glorious Lord needed to bring his will here?"
I am realizing the changes and progress of the catastrophe, and I am ready to take advantage of this rare time to take myself one step further. The gods can’t help but look puzzled.
They all know that it’s just the embodiment of the glorious Lord Yuan Ling, and the strength is far from the same, but what is this place?
This is a temple!
Is there anything here that needs to be done by the glorious Lord himself?
What’s the matter? There are a lot of younger brothers who make moves.
"Dare to ask what happened to you?"