Floating back to god, the piano was blocked and I felt the power contained in the piano. "Hyun-keng, you can’t separate yourself from me!"

The temples of the main peak of Henglang Mountain, where the center of the Far North mainland is located.
At this time, Henglangshan has been very different. At the beginning, although Henglangshan was also the top cave in the wild, it was fully discharged into the top ten in the wild, but it was just that.
Not to mention that the two elder brothers and sisters of Nu Wa are located in Fengqi Mountain, and even the guys born with the small world, such as the world of thunder and thunder, can’t compare with those born with the stars and stars.
But now, after these years’ evolution, Henglangshan Mountain is comparable to the local place, and it is not the first Tiandao Dojo.
The so-called so-called mountain is not high, and there is a spirit!
Even an ordinary mountain peak with a vast vein can create a climate if this mighty man stops there to practice for ever.
Nowadays, Henglangshan Mountain is home to nearly 90% of the entire northern part of the universe, and it will naturally have its own weather.
If someone watches Henglangshan from the outside of Henglangshan, they can find a three-layer light beam that emits immortal breath from the temples.
This three-layer light beam is nothing but nine rosy clouds, which exudes peace and auspicious spirit, and is the luck of Fu De’s auspicious virtue.
The first layer of light is the sacred spirit of purple avenue, which is the evil and incredible spirit merged by the essence of the three hundred immortals’ own avenue;
The core layer is a kind of unfathomable, unspeakable, mysterious gas, and it is difficult to distinguish specific colors and specific forms. This is produced by the common will of the gods, which can be said to be the core will of the temples.
Looking at this towering giant column, it seems that you can see the majestic and indomitable spirit of Zhoushan. The difference is that Zhoushan Town is holding up the whole universe and this giant column is suppressing the northern part of the universe!
This huge column seems to link up the northern part of the vast expanse directly.
"Ow …"
In an unknown place in the northern part of the universe, an energy behemoth that stretches for hundreds of millions of miles is sleeping. The outline of this behemoth is a little vague and you can’t see what it looks like. Breathing directly drives the whole northern energy tide …
As the huge pillars of the temples bearing heaven faintly resonate …
If there is a fairy here, you can know that this is …
This is the source of all energy in the northern part of the universe-the ancestral vein!
Therefore, in this respect, the temples are still very strong in governing the whole north.
Even through this, the temples can also directly monitor the whole northern land in this way. It can be said that once something happens in the northern part of the universe, it is almost impossible to escape the tracking of the temples …
Decades have passed!
In this war, the two sides have stopped fighting for several times and then fought again, which has been playing directly for decades!
And the two sides win or lose?
The racial confrontation showed that both sides lost a part, and the tilt of the outcome was not long.
And the mighty men of both sides are at war?
For them at this time, this time is just enough to warm up a little, and it is far from being a winner.
"Hey, you see that the winter road has improved again. You see that he seems to be about to enter the season and winter stage?"
Yude was a little surprised and pointed to the picture of the battle between Winter and Qinglong. "I remember that he seemed to be a short distance from this stage some time ago, right?"
Winter Avenue can be roughly divided into early winter, severe winter and seasonal winter after stepping into the road. Once the avenue is in seasonal winter, it means that Winter Avenue has almost successfully reached the level of pick gold fairy.
Next, we have to go through another peak stage, and the foundation can be mixed to prepare.
"Hehe, it seems that Dongdaoyou also has the ambition to chase us!"
Dust narrowing her eyes laughed and was able to shrug off.
"No, winter, although it has made great progress, it is still a little worse. There is still a long way to go to catch up with you."
Aurora shook his head. His eyes are high. Although winter is not bad, it is like that in his eyes. "In my opinion, not only winter and Liulan have made great progress, but nine songs are also good, especially his piano is not inferior to neon cold, right?"
Aurora pointed to the nine songs, which was incredible. When did they become so talented in the temples?
Winter is just that. He has always been in a swimming position among the temples.
Yu Liulan’s promotion ceremony had already begun;
But when did Jiuge have this level?
"Brother Aurora praised me."
Neon cold quite sighed and shook his head "I’m afraid I still have the standard of Jiuge Qindao"
The temple exploration almost directly projected the scene, and many things can be seen.
Every time the nine songs touch the piano, it is full of a kind of limitation of nature, which feels like the sound of heaven and earth is like a road mark, which seems to be the most magnificent and gorgeous sound string of heaven and earth!
Every note appears like an oncoming breeze, and it is like a mountain waterfall, but once it is blown by the breeze and splashed by water droplets from the waterfall, it can also make you feel the sound of death.
This is the purest piano practitioner, and what he pursues is the kind of perfect piano.
However, her neon cold is different. In the final analysis, her piano is not pure, or what she practices all the time is her own Tao.
That’s why neon cold will say that it is still in her own reason that nine songs are purely about piano and Taoist cultivation.
"But this dragon is also interesting."
The dust pointed at Qinglong thoughtfully. "This Qinglong lives in a wood and a wood, and it is unclear whether it can be stirred or muddy. It is far from being abandoned, and there are hidden changes that can be described as great achievements!"
Dust is proficient in destiny, and it can be seen that this Qinglong seems to have some connection with the East Pole.
Plus the tsing lung perfect cyan proficient in wood road faint dust seems to perceive something.
Yuan Heng looked at Qinglong thoughtfully, and suddenly his heart seemed to grasp something and feel a kind of chance.
Qinglong Qinglong …
East wood road East Pole …
Dongji and Qinglong …
"So that’s it!"
Yuan heng faint heart all speculation universe four polar Murphy … To be continued.
Chapter 116 Coordination?
"But how should this war be fought?"
The mysterious goddess has become more and more elegant since she got the title of the goddess of the Far North. She divided the picture into two parts and showed it at the same time. "What should it be now?"
"Yes, I’m afraid they can’t tell the outcome for a while now in winter, and the battlefield seems to have formed a tug-of-war and a war of attrition."
It is indeed a problem that the gods nod their heads. Although they are at the peak of heaven and earth overlooking all beings, this does not mean that they will ignore life.
God’s power is like a prison, God’s grace is like a sea god’s anger is like a deep pool!
This is said to be the way in which the gods shepherd all beings. Many deities were born from the source of heaven and earth, and they were in charge of the handle of heaven and earth to guard the order of heaven and earth, so their mind should be.