Even the most innate Lingbao has no such power!

"the glory of the gods!"
Yuanheng brought out the unique symbol of glory-the seal of glory.
Completely let go of the bit constant that belongs to the high industry, as if an early glory rises in the poor and far away.
This is a ray of Gao Guanghui!
This is a ray of light that commands all innate brilliance and acquired brilliance!
The temples in the center of the extreme north of the vast land restored calm and converged all visions.
However, in the Ganges of Destiny, a projection of temples appears as if all the glory has been brought here.
The glory belon to all that temples directly spill over the whole destiny. there are only 3,000 ghosts and gods in the Ganges, which firmly occupy their own acre and three points!
At this time, the temples in the life river are slightly different from the vast land, but they are even more vast. The top of the high hall seems to be straight and straight, and the whole hall is full of all kinds of gods.
Counting carefully, it turns out that there are all kinds of sacred texts on the 3,000 Avenue, and these 3,000 sacred texts are constantly combined with epic chapters, depicting a statue of great power from birth, growth, fighting, Taoism until finally overlooking all beings standing on the top of the flood, emitting boundless …
Among them, one of the 330 road pillars exudes eternal light, and the center of the road pillar is hooked to form a huge pillar with a sky-high volume. The immortal will flashes wildly in it!
A unified will-forming sound is heard in the river of life, which suppresses the will and makes the black fog directly stop the liquefaction trend.
"So that’s it. The temples are actually trying to suppress the aftermath of the robbery …"
Breathe a sigh, and the gods of the world immediately let go. It turned out that glory was his main duty.
"But directly pull the whole temple gods it seems that they …"
Although other heavenly fiends don’t know the specific situation of such a position as Glory Lord, they don’t know how big the amount of robbery itself is, but it is still acceptable to roughly measure it.
"However, it is actually possible to directly join hands with many Taoist friends through this lucky treasure alliance of the temples."
Many great powers felt a little strange and immediately felt a burst of joy. They all robbed the "danger" and "machine" in a somewhat vain way. Now the pressure of the whole temple is absolutely enough for the whole universe to minimize the impact of robbery!
In this way, the potential of the wild world is much higher in disguise!
"Ha ha, sure enough, the high position is really big!"
Many powerful fiends, especially the top fiends, are determined at this moment to get a high career position as soon as possible!
Even if you can’t lose yourself, you must get the detached hope of the world as soon as possible, the sooner the better!
"But the fate of these temples is really getting bigger and bigger …"
In the end, the great powers were filled with envy. How much merit and luck can this get?
I’m afraid this alone can guarantee the endless fate of the temples …
"It’s really powerful!"
Yuan Heng squinting felt the sudden deepening of the powerful itself and spat out a sigh of relief. It’s also good to let all the temple gods help. Otherwise, I really may not be able to withstand this small body of Yuan Ling.
I can’t help but feel a little glad that this is the first amount of robbery in the day, but it is the easiest time.
At this time, the highest force in heaven and earth is three thousand celestial fiends, but these guys are born to stand at the top and raise all beings, so it is impossible to fight each other.
In the future, it will not be so easy if the number of creatures increases, the practice is strengthened and the karma is aggravated.
Once he can’t bear it, the consequences are definitely not what he wants.
Every time he supports it for a while, it’s not too heavy to take on so much responsibility in the future.
"Fortunately, there are many great powers at home!"
I sighed in my heart that because he was a member of the same organization and had the temple, the treasure of the gods, he was able to pull the gods to be able-bodied men.
Sitting on the top of the highest peak, there is a mass of light as if it were a light source head. Here is the light, and the main higher occupation position is manifested.
"But that’s not enough!"
God’s eyes see through the emptiness and look along the tributaries of the life river. Yuan Heng shook his head.
They are just suppressing the mainstream of the life river now, and the fog in those small tributaries continues to liquefy, although the fog is unreasonable compared with the main stream.
The tributary of the life river corresponds to the fate of these small worlds and small planes attached to the universe, but at this time, the main world of the universe is vast and sparsely populated, not to mention those affiliated worlds
But over time, small problems will become big problems, and he can’t ignore them.
"the wheel of life is eternal, and the roulette wheel of eternal destiny flows"
At this time, although Yuan Heng is only the embodiment of Yuan Ling, there are many fellow supporters, but it is also full of confidence
If it were someone else, there might be nothing that can be done about it.
However, Yuan Heng has been immersed in the Da Luo deity for a long time, and his understanding of fate has deepened. Therefore, great progress has been made in the eternal realm of his life wheel, which will belong to the glorious God Mans and sprinkle it to every tributary!
"Dear friends, please realize this moment!"
It’s not without benefits to be pulled up. Here, the gods can not only better digest the opportunities generated by the amount of robbery, but also realize the highest meaning of the higher occupation.
Such a good thing is more than enough to serve as a reward!
Yuan Heng’s hands were rapidly waving gold daoyin, which was quickly condensed out, and each one was in different shapes.
It’s amazing that every Daoyin here is actually a statue of a god and a demon, and its whole body exudes vast and boundless avenue gas, and various forms of avenue light rise in these gods and demons.
It’s a pity that although these ghosts and gods have a stronger breath, even the corrugated road aggregates of the avenue are almost 90% similar, but others can know at a glance that these road prints are actually not perfect, and even most of them are somewhat blurred.
"This is our true body!"
Many ghosts and gods see the divine light surge in their eyes and shake their hearts.
They really didn’t expect that the glorious Lord would have realized this degree in their respective avenues and would condense into road prints.
You know, in their perception, almost every daoyin has its own level of 20% to 30%!
Yuan Heng gave a light smile. This is the magical power he preached.
Preaching that every great power can do it, but here in Yuanheng, it is sublimated into a special magical power. This is not that Yuanheng is full of food, but that this magical power is indeed unique.
Tell it to who?
Who told who?
Yuanheng sermon is told to the preacher by his own avenue, and the preacher will also release his own avenue and tell his corresponding avenue under this natural traction.
Exactly. I preach. You want to hear it?
Then talk about your own equivalent content and exchange it!