Yuan Heng ended up teaching his own experience one by one without hiding anything from others.

"If you follow the normal situation, you will need at least … three robberies if you want to reach the peak of your practice when you enter pick Jinxian!"
"Three robberies?"
How long have the gods been practicing in the corner of their eyes?
"This is nothing …"
Yuan Heng smiled at them and said the prediction in their hearts. "It takes at least a hundred times to practice to pick the peak of Jin Xian, that is, now my realm wants to enter the mixed realm according to normal conditions!"
"And in the three small realms of mixed yuan realm, each realm must break through at least 30,000 robbery hours!"
"Thirty thousand robberies?"
The gods drew a heart.
30 thousand robbery. What’s the concept?
Wouldn’t that mean that if you want to practice to the peak of mixed yuan and want to impact mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, you must at least rob hundreds of thousands?
So if you hit the mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian, will it take tens of millions of hours to rob it?
"God! How long will it take me to practice to pick Jin Xian? "
The lion murmured from his mouth.
Other people’s expressions are also quite wonderful. Although they never look at the time first, there is no end in sight for these ten thousand robbers …
"Haha, under normal circumstances, it is naturally so much longer!"
Yuan Heng shook his head and said with a smile, "If you are really stupid to practice like this, it is very likely that you will not be able to repair a million-dollar robbery!"
"Ha ha …"
Many ghosts and gods gave a strange smile, while others were embarrassed.
Think at the beginning is by a lot of first day fiend is so silly to all the branches of a source road to understand so sublimate their own avenue …
Is this situation similar?
"And now we are going to solve this problem!"
Yuan Heng nodded slightly and reached for a black-and-white ball with a strange path.
"You can look at it first. It’s the embryonic form of the secret law that I have created by running out of years!"
As soon as the ball came out, it attracted all the mighty men present to explore their own meta-spirit, which contained the information of this secret law.
Zi …
A breath sounded.
For a long time, the gods finally received the information contained in it. Of course, it is only a long way from understanding.
After all, it’s a combination of Yuan Heng’s years of painstaking efforts and profound mystery that he doesn’t explain.
"This secret method … is so powerful!"
"This is really just the secret law prototype? How do I feel that it seems to be perfect enough for us to step into the mixed hours quickly! "
Mixed Yuan Tai Chi is a complete success!
Yin and Yang reverse the cycle of Yin and Yang!
Only three phases and three easy!
Just these are dazzling enough to make people’s eyes shine. According to normal, they are already perfect, perfect and picky!
However, it is really heartbreaking that the original perfect moment is not so perfect again.
But this is what makes people feel that this is more exciting than before.
Gods, this is white. Sometimes perfection means limited potential, but perfection contains more things in imperfection …