This place is sacred to the ancient people, and it is also worthy of respect to the terran, because deep down, the emperor once lived, and there is a clock to sit in, so there is no need to worry about the ambush of the ancient royal family

The two sides negotiated in harmony, and each side deliberately avoided conflicts, leaving everything to the general assembly to solve.
Wen Huang’s virtual road, fire jiaqi, Taoist silkworm, emperor, Yuan Gu and others will all show up. Although they were tossed by Hengyu for ten days, their strength is still underestimated.
And the kings who are quite favored by Italy will also appear, and the real giants of all ethnic groups in ancient times will certainly appear, and the Great Sage will also appear hard. It will be a great event then.
Therefore, it is a good thing that the black emperor will be happy after seeing the return of the "black-hearted" ancient holiness. He is worth a group of ancestors and kings alone. After all, it is not easy to cross the sanctification.
"I put the balance in one hand, how can I really balance it?"
Li Yu shook his head and smiled, standing in the ancient battlefield, and slowly leaned out and looked at the big day. It seems that the whole piece of Cang Du can be brought into the palm of your hand
Balance? It’s just a lack of strength!
Now he is a person who fiddles with scales, thinking about balance and leaning.
Boom! Accompanied by his words, the mountains and valleys were full of earthquakes, and the dragon was boiling. This place became a furnace that kept burning and then collapsed.
After the mountains burned, the earthworm gas rushed in and turned into bright light. Many mountains collapsed and aroused smoke all over the sky.
The whole ancient battlefield is falling apart, like the end of the world, and it has become a wasteland.
His voice grew louder and louder, and finally it was louder and louder than the thunder, and the sound of the earthquake collapsed thousands of mountains.
It’s like a god’s rebuke. Everyone who hears it shivers and wants to worship and never can afford to kneel down.
"The Taikoo battlefield collapsed!"
"Who is the king of Du Jie or Papman has become a saint!"
"It’s terrible that the battlefield since ancient times has completely dissipated because of a person’s thunder robbery!"
It’s really scary that the ancestors of saints gathered outside the Eagle Cliff are creepy.
The whole battlefield in ancient times has been consecrated. In this way, the ancient emperors and daughters are different. It seems that there are two people who are very similar to Papman or the king of men.
Didn’t Keren Wang step on the ancient road of Xing? They all left and disappeared for a long time. How could Du Jie return at this time? It doesn’t make sense.
But they didn’t hide it, but they sold the news to the five realms for the first time, and even all the ethnic groups in Taikoo were surprised by all the ancient kings Qi Zhen.
"Suspected king Yu Taigu battlefield sanctified? One man has been robbed by a hundred ancient ancestors, Wang Lei, and branded as a thousand emperors? !”
"I suspect that it is the special thunder robbery like the King of Man who has spent his time in Papman and Du Jie who has seen whether the long river of history has manifested itself or not!"
"how come this time is so opportune to catch the time when the national assembly is about to be called!"
It’s more complicated to say whether the Terran or the Archaean people don’t know what kind of mood to have.
"The strongest saint in history robbed the famine, and the younger generation was the first to go against the sky and become a saint. Even the ancient emperors and daughters can’t catch up!"
People are scrambling to recite it, which makes many ancient people hair and makes the northern region boil.
To detain the whole wilderness is a noise, and all ethnic groups are talking about it like boiling water, which is no longer quiet.
It was not until Zu Wang personally appeared and rushed to the Eagle Cliff to explore the sweeping storm that it gradually became quiet and all the monks waited for the final result.
After all, it is impossible for Zuwang not to pay attention to the fact that such a great event has happened and shocked the northern region.
"Strong and really strong, even we can’t judge our identity, but it’s absolutely enemy to survive this robbery unexpectedly!"
The ancestors shook their heads and looked dignified because they couldn’t see through each other’s strength. It was so horrible that they seemed to be shrouded in fog and could not spy.
Even the arrival of Taikoo Zu Wang frowned at the level of Saint Wang, and the means of deduction used by him actually attracted the doom of Lei Guang.
"Don’t provoke"
They left such a sentence, but it seemed that a layer of haze covered everyone’s heart and made the ancient people feel heavy.
Will it be a king?
He really didn’t leave. Everything was a cover-up?
What on earth is the blackest heart planning against heaven?
Chapter three hundred and twenty SAN jing you don’t deserve!
A thunder robbery and a vague figure shook the whole East Wilderness, and the storm swept through the five terrans and the ancient tribes could not be calm.
It happened that such a change happened when the conference was coming. Do you really care about the Terran? Do you want them to come out of an enemy saint in this difficult time?
As a result, even the ancient ancestor king, the sage king, was not sure to spend it, and he would be shot and killed, but he was really broken in. How can he be calm?
"The conference is coming, as expected by the royal family. It’s different this time. There will be too few Terran saints in the ancestral kings of all ethnic groups. Even if each family really sends out a few statues, it will be worse …"
The three ancestors of the Valley of the Gods all appeared in the direction of the eagle cliff, revealing a ray of worry, which depends on whether their future team will choose to be close to the royal family or the God-born family after all.
"Don’t be too sorry, even if it’s really the return of the king, he has achieved more saints than ten or so ancestors, but there are dozens of royal families, fierce families and royal families who have stepped out of one or two statues, and it’s not uncertain to add the return of the expedition."
An old King Taikoo shook his head. After all, he was determined to be a big royal family in Taikoo. After many hardships, he stood firm since ancient times. What kind of opponent has he never met?
In ancient times, the cruel ancient people have experienced bloody battles all over the sky, and the first race war has been going on for tens of millions of years.
They are the cream of the crop, otherwise they will become more and more brave and be blocked by royalty. They are used to big scenes and have met their enemies.
"Interesting people, if Wang returns, this scene will be lively. Hehehe, it’s better to be more grand and alarm the old-timer!"
A bitter sneer sounded in the Golden Cave. After all, they are the royal family.
What’s more, the seven forbidden zones of Archaeozoic people are inextricably linked. This is a place that the ancient emperor can’t completely raze. If you think about it deeply, it will be terrible.
"A young Terran has made you so afraid. We really want to see him and see how capable he is to make Taikoo Zu Wang afraid."
Wanlong Nest is like an evil god. His red hair is like blood, and he has thousands of arms. His body is black, and every inch of his skin is shiny except for the red hair.
Behind him, there are also sword holes full of knife marks, and the hull of Zijin is damaged one after another. This kind of Zijin is unusual, and the golden root is different from what you usually see. It is injected with a divine power and engraved with immortal patterns.
At the same time, both figures came out of the darkness, or the dragon horn in gold or the evil spirit in silver occurred.
"Don’t underestimate him, your predecessors. This is definitely a great figure. It’s true that you have suppressed six ancient emperors, and now your sanctification strength is unfathomable."
The ancestors of Wanlongchao were afraid of that man, who really put a lot of pressure on them, depending on the obstacles of the Dragon Lady’s card. If the roots are not eradicated, there is no possibility of pursuing it.
What’s more, now six ancient emperors are still cutting the path, but he has become a saint, or is it the strongest holy robbery in history? The gap has widened to a big level, which is really desperate, and even these old figures can’t see the edge.
"In the final analysis, he is just a saint. There is nothing in front of the Great Sage."
A thousand-handed ghost smiled and still kept a bird’s-eye view.
The ancient creatures in Wanlongchao glances didn’t say much. The Great Sage is really extraordinary. He has the qualification to smile and be proud of the star field, but he has also met Bai Hengyu before he was terrible.
The ancient clan’s undercurrent was surging, and the Terran was also surging. On this day, people visited her family, Yaochi, Fengzu, Xumishan and Nainanling Demon Emperor Hall.
Although such a move has attracted the attention of some people, it has not been promoted. Many people suspect that it was the Jiang family who visited these forces. They seem to have one thing in common.
That is, it is certain that the allies are the same chariot. This discovery suddenly makes things intriguing. Maybe there will be a national conference.
A figure of the Jiang family in the north domain finally came back, and he did not take the usual road. He skillfully drilled into the ground and climbed out of a thief hole in the land of God.