Some people can get sad no matter how much they pay, and she is glad that she has not paid nothing back.

"Grandma," Lu Xiaoning sobbed, "Don’t you blame your granddaughter for telling you this now?"
The old lady shook her head. "If you had told grandma, I’m afraid she wouldn’t have believed you."
This is the truth. How could she believe it if she didn’t see clearly that Lou’s people had learned about youth and kindness? Maybe Xiao Ning will be reprimanded. I think Xiao Ning is deliberately slandering her stepmother and her two sisters, but it’s just to live up to her mother who died early.
"Grandmother is not a granddaughter who is stingy and refuses to promise her father to sell the shop and send the land to her second sister as a dowry. My mother is Lou’s and I was almost killed by Lou’s and her second sister. If I promise to go to Jiuquan in the future, will I have the face to see my mother? My mother spring know will never forgive me "Liu Xiaoning sobbed.
The old lady patted Lu Xiaoning’s hand and comforted, "Grandma knows your mind and stop crying."
Lu Xiaoning sobbed and said, "Fang Ai has set me up several times. I don’t care about her. She is a sensible, lively and lovely successor. They are my younger brothers. I will do my best to be their eldest sister, but I will never forgive Lou and my second sister in my life."
The old lady sighed heavily, and it was really hard for her to hear the words of refusing to break away. It was like blocking a big stone in her chest. Who doesn’t want to have a good family and everyone can be productive? But she can’t blame Xiao Ning for refusing, and she can’t ask Xiao Ning to be generous and don’t care about youth.
Blame you for being eager to learn and not learning, but learn from her vicious mother Lou’s. Lou’s is quite harmful!
It’s too hard for Liu Ma to follow the weeping young lady. It’s too poor
Lu Xiaoning sniffed and wiped away her tears. "My grandmother’s industries have all been transferred to my uncle’s name this morning. If I don’t do this, my father will not stop. He will definitely force me."
The old lady was dazed and asked incredulously, "Have you all turned?" Go to your third uncle’s name? "
Lu Xiaoning nodded. She saw her grandmother’s face changed.
"Does that mean that these industries are not Lujia after that?" The old lady still can’t believe it.
"Yes or no," replied Lu Xiaoning. "No one can think about these industries again, but these industries are still in her hands, which is actually just a form."
Grandma should be able to understand this.
The old lady lost her soul at the thought of such a big estate that she suddenly stopped surnamed Lu, and her eyes were straight.
"Grandma!" Lu Xiaoning uneasy to call way
The old lady waved her hand. "Go back first. Grandma has to think about this."
Lu Xiaoning looked at Liu Ma and Liu Ma and winked at her. Lu Xiaoning got up and left. With Liu Ma in her, she had nothing to worry about. That’s why she wanted Liu Ma to stay. If grandma can’t figure it out, I believe Liu Ma will help her figure it out.
As soon as Liu Xiaoning left the old lady, she lamented, "This child has become the master without consulting with me for such a big deal. She should have discussed with me earlier and told me this … She is not trusting my grandmother after all, and she doesn’t want to think that such a big industry is surnamed others. Can she get it back? What about this family? What should I do if I inherit the training? "
Liu Ma went to pour a glass of water. "Don’t worry, old lady. It’s not that I don’t trust you. She’s afraid that you can’t carry these bad things in poor health."
The old lady pushed Liu Ma to pass me tea and felt sad. "If you don’t comfort me, this family will be finished."
Liu Ma coaxed "old lady, do you want to bifurcation? Do you think that Jijia still lacks this silver? Compared with the Ji family property, this property is just nine Niu Yi hairs. Miss Da transferred all the property to her third uncle’s name because she wanted her third uncle to help her keep these properties. The master showed his father’s majesty to embarrass her. "
"But now that Ji Jia knows how Ji died, I hate Lujia quite a bit. I wish I could take everything back." The old lady has no confidence at all. After all, everyone in Lujia is responsible for Xiao Ning’s death.
Liu Ma well-meaning "the old lady even if JiGu hate landing home can JiGu will hate big miss? The old lady in Jijia gave birth to a big miss. A daughter like her mother loves the big miss the most. Her mother died long ago, and Jijia must not hold the big miss in her heart. Look at this. These industries will still be big ladies in the future. Maybe it will be more than that when Jijia comes back. "
"Besides, miss big people you trust? Miss Da just said that Miss San has repeatedly calculated her, and she doesn’t care. After all, Miss San didn’t harm her life. She will take up the responsibility of the eldest sister for the fourth and fifth young masters, and she won’t ignore her brothers and sisters, let alone your grandmother. Her family name is Lu, and her body is Lu’s blood. No one can change that. "
"Is that so?" The old lady asked absently
Chapter 43 Never be confused
"If the big lady didn’t have this home and your grandmother in her heart, would she still be able to confide in you? She can take all the industries away from Lujia. She has evidence that Lou killed her mother. It is up to Jijia to break with Lujia. No one can say anything about her, but she chose to confess to you in the hope of getting your support. Old lady, if you don’t help Miss Da at the moment, if Miss Da is cold, Lujia will really be finished. "
"Master spoil the outer room out is wife this thing out master can also mix in officialdom? Nowadays, all industries are in the hands of the Ji family, and the lawsuit is not carried out according to the law of the Zhou Dynasty. The woman’s dowry is owned by the woman, and the wife’s death is left to the husband’s family. The most powerful move of Mrs. Ji is that if the industry is not inherited by the big lady, it will be donated to the court. In the eyes of the court and outsiders, Mrs. Ji is a mother-in-law and loves the country. Besides, Mrs. Ji’s worry is not unfounded. The big lady really almost killed her stepmother and her sister. Can the master win the lawsuit? "
"When the time comes, the master’s name stinks, the big lady has gone, the industry has gone, and even this house has been mortgaged to the bank Lujia. That’s really called a one-all, not the old slave. It’s really too much to send the second lady to be a concubine. Isn’t it afraid of being poked in the spine? Xiangmendi style? He also wants to sell the shop to send the second young lady ten hectares of fertile land and a Zhuang as his dowry. Has he ever thought about how the big young lady feels? That’s all miss big mother left to miss big "Liu Ma more say more angry, in her view, it’s not that Lou Shi is the master.
"You mustn’t be confused at this juncture, old lady!" Liu Ma Road
Liu Ma’s words sounded like a thunder in the old lady’s mind, and the old lady’s mind suddenly became transparent.
"You’re absolutely right. I was in a hurry just now, but I couldn’t turn around. I think the worst of things. Liu Ma, you have to send dinner to the big lady. She hasn’t eaten yet. You tell her that this time I’m determined to go back on her side and I’ll settle accounts with you." Old humanity.
"The old lady, you don’t want to go to the master. Now he is losing his head. He won’t listen to anything you say, but he will blame the big lady for gossiping in front of you. The old slave thinks that the big lady must have arranged the medicine boy. Isn’t it coming these days? The Ji family has suppressed their anger for so many years, and the big lady has endured the injustice for so many years, so they always have to give them a chance to vent. Otherwise, they will never let go of the master and need to knock him up with a blow. The evidence is in front of him, so he can’t believe it and he won’t be confused again. "Liu Ma suggested.
The old lady listened with trepidation. "What do you think Ji Jia will do to master?"
Liu Ma said, "At most, you can only scold a few words and hit two. This is that the master owes Ji family. It’s better than others suing the government with a piece of paper. It’s better to ask the old lady that you are right and wrong, and it’s not too much for your family to look at you."
The old lady sighed heavily, "It can be like this."
"After all, it’s all because of Lou’s snake and scorpion woman." The old lady hates to grind her teeth, but she still loves her son. Although being kind deserves it, she wouldn’t be so stiff with Jishi, and there wouldn’t be so many disasters.
Liu Ma managed to sort out the old lady’s confused thoughts and make sense of the words. At the moment, Liu Fanghua tried his best to stir up in front of his father.
"Father, in fact, my daughter thinks that the elder sister is so excited today that it is just a protest to her father to show her kindness to the Feng family."
Liu Youren angry way "what does she want to protest? Shouldn’t a woman follow her parents’ wishes? Isn’t it that she has the face to protest about selling two shops? All the virtues filial piety, does she still know how to write this filial piety? "
Lu Fanghua said, "The father and daughter said that this is not the case. Of course, this is also the reason why the elder sister is dissatisfied."
"What do you say?" Liu youren grumpily asked
"It’s just that my father often asks her for a mask. Elder sister has long been dissatisfied with this. My daughter heard the maid around her complaining that there was not enough to sell in the drugstore. You also asked her to ask her for it every once in a while, and there was so much to go to the drugstore endlessly. If she didn’t complain in front of people, how dare she gossiping?" Liu Fanghua said while observing her father’s look
It’s against the sky that Lu Youren didn’t fight. He didn’t want to send it. He just said that his mouth should be well behind his back, but he was arranged as a father. It’s outrageous to act like he was greedy for cheap. It’s like someone asked him if he could give it to him. What do you think of him if he doesn’t help?
"But this also can’t blame elder sister elder sister stayed in Ji’s home for so many years, and naturally learned that businessmen are mercenary and always think about the word benefit first. Do you think that she has made so many masks and ever thought of giving her sister a bottle? My father is an elder. My father asked her to refuse, but she was unhappy. She must be a father. Just look at it. Ask her later. She will definitely block her father’s mouth with the Feng family. "Liu Fanghua made persistent efforts.
Lu Youren, with a sullen face and a full belly, was angry and youthful. Yes, Xiao Ning is a little stingy, and everyone’s elegant demeanor has not lost. He used to be so optimistic about her. It’s really a long way to go to see people’s hearts. This daughter is unreliable! It’s even more necessary to grasp all the industries left by Jishi in their own hands.
Liu Fanghua looked at his father’s gloomy look and knew that his father had kept this account in mind, so he changed the subject. "Father, that … daughter picked out several clothes in Lanfang, and the owner said that if she wanted to customize them, she would have to hurry, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to come, and there was still a need for some cutting at the top …"
Liu Youren looked up at his daughter timidly and couldn’t help sighing. Yes, in early September, Youhua was going to enter the palace of Qin Dynasty, but he didn’t prepare anything because he had no money in his hand and Xiao Ning didn’t promise the former buyer to sign the agreement, otherwise he could get the advance payment first.
Liu Youren wanted to think, got up and went to the cabinet, took out the box and pulled out two 1200 silver tickets.
Turn around and hand over the silver ticket to Youhua. "You should arrange these first, whether you want to make clothes or make a head. Your grandmother is in poor health. Aunt Su’s eyes are not at ease with your mother … or you should work harder. My father sent someone to Shuiyue Temple to pick up your sister. You sisters may have a discussion."