Not broken

There was no violent collision between combating Dao and sword light.
However, it’s so easy to follow yourself to collect precious materials and consume your poor efforts. It’s so easy to follow yourself to fight in heaven and earth, and it’s broken by such a small sword light without any resistance.
Everything the sword light has passed is gone!
The Lord is indifferent to waving the sword light again. This time, it is not one but six, and each one is exactly the same as before!
The armadillo and the yazi are evenly divided into three ways. These three swords are all directly formed into three talents. The sword array is blocked, and the false escape can be avoided!
The strong warning signs of the mind made the sisters-in-law and the son-in-law come to their senses one after another, but at this time, they were also able to come up with their own defensive magic weapon and use their own defensive magical powers in vain.
In this time, they felt the death crisis!
At last, the two loud noises of sword light were strongly hindered, and suddenly and violently leaked out, with strong sharpness, murderous look and strong shock wave fluctuation.
The light dispersed beyond everyone’s expectation, and the cockroaches and cockroaches were unscathed.
It’s not that two people are strong enough to see these swords, but …
"Hong Feng …"
"Rongnian …"
Armadillo and yazi’s eyes turned red instantly, and it was they who stopped this lore!
Didi …
Two people in the chest a fist hole throughout the whole body drops of blood can’t flow out.
Their fatal wound is not this seemingly horrible wound, but the destructive sword of the infiltration!
"Hehe, Taidian is too far away. We … lost!"
The pupils in the eyes of Yu Feng and Rong Nian are scattered. Obviously, they will fall this time, even those healing pills or occult arts have been saved.
Although it is extremely difficult to kill the strong people of their series, even if they fall on the spot, they will come back one day, but this is not without influence and loss
It’s even worse to count the savings when you come back to life, and to temper all the years. Without the foundation, the body of God may be shaken, and those who are not determined may lose the motivation to move further!
Armadas and yazi clenched their fists in their hearts.
Mie Peak and Rongnian …
They are their friends, and they are also members of the family. Give them guards.
Everyone in the Dragon Nine embodies the dragon’s great talent, and everyone has a great grasp of the realm of the god of pick. It is impossible for the dragon to protect itself naturally.
Therefore, the dragon nine too side has a half step too b when the strong guard!
Over the years, even stones can cultivate feelings. What’s worse, practice together for years as friends?
"Taidian, let’s fight one last time. If the other party is not seriously injured, then retreat!"
The immortal spirit in the depths of the Yuan God flashed rapidly, which made them awake for a moment. This is a sign of a dead end. When riding this point, both of them flashed a decisive will from each other’s eyes.
"The dragon forbids the dragon to fight in the wild, and its blood is yellow!"
An explosion of blood gas surged wildly in two people. The Dragon Forbidden Art belongs to the dragon’s desperate tactics, which means that its life has come to an end. When the forbidden art comes out, no matter whether the other party dies or not, he must be dying anyway …
It’s so gorgeous that two powerful men who are close to Taiyi burst out when they are dying.
It was a small-scale tear and destruction shock wave that directly enveloped the Lord!
You know, at this time, the wall is thicker than thick, and you have to pick it up if you want to tear it at will!
"Ahem …"
A light rose, and the sword light flew out, and the Lord swept out of it. The two men desperately caused him some injuries after all.
For the first time in the battlefield, the strong man fell on the spot!
The war is so tragic that even the super strong in this series can fall in Wyndell Dichinson on the spot!
With these two men’s declining advantages tilting towards the North Sea Coalition …
A rapidly moving figure in the virtual space attached to the northeast naval battle site stopped at this time to make a virtual stand. "Haha, it’s really a small one that really defeated the two dragons."
Aurora is satisfied with looking at the battlefield situation, which is really a surprise. With this, you can confidently make efforts yourself.
"But this is … breaking all laws with one sword?"
Aurora has some eyebrows about this.
His aurora is accompanied by an innate treasure-extremely lightsaber!
After the Aurora Avenue was created, it was filled with sharp and sharp meaning, which made his kendo realm rise and fall, and he stepped into the realm of breaking all laws with one sword!
Breaking all laws with one sword … is the same level as Yuan Heng’s physical practice realm-all laws do not invade the same realm!
It can be seen that breaking all laws with one sword is a rare kendo realm, and even the aurora, a statue of a strong man, is only in this realm!
After observing the aurora a little, he shook his head and then nodded. "It’s a little similar, but it’s still far from this realm."
"But it’s great to be able to touch the edge. Many people can’t even touch this edge."
"Oh, what a pity."