She stretched out her hands and carefully picked a colorful ring Yu Pei hanging around her neck, then stood on tiptoe and hung it gently on Ye Chen’s neck. At the same time, she looked at him with fascination and said, this is my mother’s colorful jade. When I was born, my mother hung it around my neck to keep me safe all my life. Now it will surely bless my husband to come back safely.

Ye Chenxin felt a sense of being melted by warmth. It suddenly occurred to him that he had not come to this world in the unknown. I don’t know which day it would be to kill the king’s eggs and enjoy such tenderness.
He held the small package with a slight body temperature tightly and held her hand for judo.
At this time, he can say this simple word.
You go, go early and come back soon. Hua Shuirou helped him with a wrinkled forehead, and said that she knew that since he chose to leave at this time, his intention would be lovely. He loved him and missed him, but he must not drag him down and delay him.
Go, be careful all the way, and don’t come back earlier. You are more important than anything. You have been silent all the time. Ye Wei said that this time of day is the time, but Ye Chen showed confidence again when he didn’t go, because in case, the probability is that they will meet for the last time.
Go ahead, leave early, and you won’t be found. Ye nu also raised his hand and sighed. The old man tried to persuade Ye Chen to give up because he didn’t sleep all night last night, but Ye Chen did.
Chen’s son must not be wronged outside. Don’t lose weight on the silver. Don’t be reluctant to spend it, said Wang Wenshu, holding hands with flowers and water.
Ye Chen nodded his head, his eyes swept them one by one, and then he pranced on his horse’s back without looking back. The horseshoe was particularly loud in silence and slowly moved from near to far in the dense fog.
At the corner, Ye Chen finally turned to the fog to cover up. At this time, they could not see his figure, but Ye Chen could still clearly see that they were still in a soft posture, and their eyes were dim and they didn’t want to leave. Besides them, he saw another figure. Last night, he basked in the moonlight until he left. Ye Shuiyao quietly looked at his back.
Two hours later, at the door of Ye’s house, Long Laihuang’s son was wronged to the extreme and shouted, "You’re a big, bad, bad guy. I’ll send you a princess to grow up so big. It’s really hateful that you should leave so early for the first time. I hate you so much."
Ten minutes after Ye Chen left, the place was Tianlong Palace Royal Room.
Like a ghostly shadow, now Long Yin has bowed down behind him and said to the emperor that he has already left, which puzzled the old man that he even took away the two girls he usually slept with.
Oh, Long Yin turned around, and then burst out laughing. However, the wind boy would take his private pet wherever he went, which was really unexpected, but it also said that he was not worried about the safe journey.
Do you still need the old secret protection?
I don’t want him to have enough confidence, but I need you Long Yin waved at any time.
Just then Long Yin close-fitting little eunuch came in and respectfully asked for the emperor san huang.
Oh, Qi Er Long Yin frowned and said, "He came here so early. It is necessary to let him in. Li Lao, please go back first."
At the same time, two people should leave and disappear, and soon they are in a hurry. When Long Qi comes in, he kneels down on one knee to give his father an Ann. I don’t know that my father summoned my son so early.
Get up. Oh, wait for me. I called you. Long Yin asked when she heard the wrong color. At the same time, her heart suddenly became a faint shadow.
Dragon qi got up and wondered, when the child got up, he saw a royal piece by the bed that said if he woke up, he would go to see his father and son, but his father could not bear to disturb his son’s sleep and left a message to come in a hurry after waking up. Isn’t this what his father meant?
Long Yin eyes become sharp sink a way I never let a person called you.
Dragon qi just said a word sound and was severely cut off his eyes. His eyes were so wide at the moment that he seemed to explode at any time.
Because he saw a pair of dark eyes.
Long Yinma found out that he was suddenly abnormal and quickly held his shoulder. What’s the matter with you?
Long Yin, in this life, don’t want to forget that it’s close at hand, because it’s the most satisfying thing for him. His body burst and the bloody fog burst in front of his eyes, and the terrible death spell was imprinted in his heart, which brought him one nightmare after another.
That moment seemed to be slower than the blood sprayed on Long Yin’s whole body, big and small, and the minced meat was stained with blood, and clothes were sprinkled with bloody arcs and flew to every corner of the imperial room. Long Yin’s eyes were wide open and frightened, and he collapsed to the ground in trembling. In this sudden purgatory, his soul was instantly taken away. At this time, his eyes were still bloody except blood.
At the same time, three old figures heard the sound, and the little eunuchs rushed in. The scene before them made them wonder if they had not woken up from their dreams.
The three great services looked at each other. The three old people who had always been Gujingbo looked at each other with horror at this moment. At this moment, a piece of white paper fell into the hands of Long Yin by mistake. Long Yin looked at the note with trembling hands, and then his eyes narrowed sharply, saying that a monarch had repeatedly harmed Zhong Liang and sent him to heaven for punishment.
Squeeze the paper in your palm, covered in blood, and Long Yin slowly gets up from a pool of blood. After all, he is an emperor, and even so, the visual impact of his heart will crush him and bite his tongue. At this time, what he needs most is to calm down.
Those eunuchs who rushed in were stunned and frightened, but one of them dared to speak. The assassin broke into the cold road and was killed. Why don’t you hurry up?
These people didn’t wake up in their dreams and do the cleaning work with trepidation. If they all know that san huang has just come in with their eyes, it seems that the dead corpse is san huang and the emperor’s instruction is not to let people know about it, then their only field is to be covered up by criminals.
Before the fear of death, they didn’t feel sick at all, but they also went to see the three mysterious and rare services at ordinary times.
Chapter 14 Cold Cliff Lonely Wolf
You didn’t see what Long Yin said in a low voice, but no matter how hard he tried to hide it, he erased the trembling in his voice.
The three big bongs shook their heads at the same time, but Li Laojiang held back the horror and said goodbye in a low voice. The three of us released the spirit sleep at the same time, and we didn’t realize that outsiders were more unaware of how san huang died. It is only possible that san huang was put into something similar to Lei Zhen.
What about this note? Is it that the roof has grown? Long Yin clenched the note and gnashed her teeth and said
Long Yin’s heart is filled with great fear. It’s really easy to kill him without anyone knowing it. Is it really a punishment?
He may be suspicious if one of the three is on the side, but if three people are present at the same time, it can never be one of them, not to mention that they have been loyal for three generations. If they really want to murder him, the Dragon Family must do this.
What did the emperor write in the note, but also kept it from one of the old people and said
I don’t want Long Yinli to wave again because of this. His heavy footsteps are more like pressing a fateful boulder from his heart. At this time, he seems to see a pair of devil eyes in a corner and look at him with a sneer. He can take his life at any time. For an emperor who values safety above all else, every minute and second in the future will not be easy.
How can he let them see the note when he knows the three things about Ye’s family? The three of them are loyal people who respect and admire most, but they are also loyal people. If they know that he has tried to harm Ye’s family twice, I don’t know how he will react, even if he has wasted his time, he will let the Lins secretly do it.
Punishment by heaven, punishment by heaven, am I really doing something wrong? Long Yin, dressed in a bloody suit, sat there and lost his mind, muttering.