He was moved to close his eyes and tears fell down again.

They felt that the old sound echoed in their ears just now, and they all dried their tears and looked up. In the white ball of light in the sky, a link representing life was lost in the heart.
When everyone saw the tears, they couldn’t stop falling again, dropping into the wet land and disappearing instantly.
It took a long time for my heart to stop sharing my life, because it was enough to love and enjoy my life. How many people can do it in this life?
Night maple looked at the lovely person in front of her, grabbed her shoulders with trembling hands and kissed her deeply. How many thoughts, how many tenderness and how many tears have been poured out? This kiss is a deep kiss.
It seems that at this moment, the world stops moving, and it seems that these two people, in their forgetfulness, kiss and wish that they were each other instead of suffering for many years, and they are still lonely and lonely.
After a long time, no one bothered them.
They looked at each other one minute, and then their hearts hugged the night maple and smiled.
Ok, that’s enough. The master is waiting for us in the face. Let’s go. Ye Feng patted her heart on the back.
My heart is very reluctant to pull out and take the night maple hand and smile. Well, I think the master is blaming us at this time, too.
The Chinese girl in the heart looked at the sound of the heart and swallowed hard, and she couldn’t speak any more.
Master, isn’t everything all right now? Just now, Xiao Sheng’s energy ball hit me and sealed Brother Feng’s hard work all his life. I share my life. I didn’t do anything wrong, master. You should be happy.
The Chinese girl keeps nodding her head while covering her mouth. My dear daughter has worked hard for so many years, and you will be happy for you in choosing a master.
My heart knelt down and said to the Chinese female Taoist master, My heart is sorry for you, and I can no longer be by your side, so the master should protect himself.
The Chinese girl’s voice is hard to swallow and her heart is broken. The silly girl teacher just said that you will be happy to accept the choice of teacher.
Lying in the distance, crazy Sina Jackie Chan and his wife can’t help but feel ashamed when they think of themselves.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect such a powerful master to be here, which really made me have to admire. But you will die in front of me today. Ha, ha, Xiao Sheng rushed to the sky from the ground. Ha, ha. "
To see the night maple figure flashing, a purple light flashed across the horizon, Xiaosheng figure shot into the horizon, and then exploded in the distant hills.
Ye Feng came back to her heart, pulled her heart to the flame of Xian Er, and said, Thank you very much for giving me a great love, but I was born too short to accompany you in the day after tomorrow.
The heart sank, and both of them said, "Where is the maple theory? What happened? We all miss you."
No, because I love you, you all live well, or I’m sorry I’m late for this job, said Ye Feng emotionally
Maple, don’t you want to implement the plan you said? Xianer calmly looked at Ye Feng’s way
Flame is also a face of deep feeling want to know the expression.
Yefeng looked at them and nodded heavily. Yaqi later gave it to you. When I returned to the mainland, don’t forget to tell Shierle that I stood them up.
Maple, your flame is also very calm.
Don’t say anything. I’ll give them life later. Don’t forget to apologize to them for me, saying that you will be their boss after I fail to do my duty as the boss, okay?
It’s the flame fiber who can turn her head to look at a Chinese feeling. It’s really a solution for others.
Master, promise me one thing, okay? Ye Feng turned to Hua Nv.
Go ahead, master will promise you anything.
After the protoss is destroyed, you can live together with them on the mainland. I’m sorry you’re old
What are you crying for? You’re not a child anymore. Chinese girls are also trying to stop crying by touching the night maple head.
Maple, are you really like this? In the face of night maple, the wind can’t help but ask, night maple doesn’t respond. What time is it? Am I in a joke? You should go now, or you won’t be able to leave until Xiaosheng calls him to the last force.