Chen Feng thought it was very strange how the super organizer learned about their situation, but he didn’t ask. Then Chen Feng went back to the front of the operating room and said, I will organize people to go to the artificial island now, and you will stay and wait for the knot.

Then he walked in a black car parked in front of the hospital. One person received Chen Feng and went to the headquarters of Chaoneng Organization. When the white people saw Chen Feng, they smiled and knocked on the door. After getting in the car, Chen Feng asked, "You came so fast. It seems as if you know that we have successfully obtained the Amadeus project. Have you been watching us?"
The white man smiled and didn’t answer. Then he drove the car to the outskirts of Central American cities and changed into an aircraft mode to fly to the Pacific Ocean at supersonic speed.
This time, Chen Feng’s mind slowly appreciated the scenery of the Pacific Ocean. When he saw the blue water, the ups and downs of the ship and tanker swam in the sea, he soon saw the island called the second hometown of the headquarters of Chaoneng Organization.
After the white man led Chen Feng to the top floor of Tsutenkaku and hit the top floor door, Chen Feng saw the old man, Feng Yu, and once again saw the beautiful woman, Chen Feng smiled at her in a friendly way, but the other party gave Chen Feng a cold glance to embarrass her with a wry smile.
You came to Labaidu and the old man smiled. Then his robot E took the initiative to pour Chen Feng a drink. Chen Feng put the Amadeus plan in front of the old man and said something. I have brought it with me. You promised three conditions. I think you should not forget.
Of course, the old man Baidu said with a smile
Good. Chen Feng got up and was ready to leave, but the old man Baidu asked the child, have you seen the Amadeus project?
No, I’m not interested in this thing at all, Chen Feng replied.
So do you want to know?
To be honest, Chen Feng really wants to know what this document is that can make the super organization do everything possible to get it back. Chen Feng nodded and was interested in listening, but what will you tell me?
Remember our story? If you want to talk about the Amadeus project, you have to re-emphasize that event. The old man looked at the blue sky outside and said faintly, at that time, I talked about assor leading the Chinese battalion to resist the German Nazi Party. Oh, boy, do you remember assor?
I know that you said that he was the most powerful power at that time and was the leader of the power. Chen Feng was shocked and impressed when he heard about the power story of human slaughter in the incident.
You have a good memory. Old man Baidu laughed and went on talking. After Germany was turned upside down by power, the world became more and more fierce in pursuing power, because all countries in the world were afraid of power to show their strength. At that time, it was the darkest time of power. Even Also led the power and felt that the future was dark and hopeless
At this time, assor, who was driven away by human beings, was very angry. He said, is there no place in the world where our powers can be born? If so, this hometown will be built by me. From then on, I will let the powers live in a world where heaven and man can’t be bound. When assor finished, he exerted his powers and completed a feat that shocked the world and directly forced the powers of all countries in the world to reach a peace agreement
Chen Feng listened to assor’s grandiloquence and was fascinated. He wished he could not have met for a hundred years earlier and asked him what he had done.
He built an island, which is called the second home island.
After hearing Chen Feng’s personal shock, he seemed to be struck by lightning. Chapter 39 Power History
Assor’s power is very strange. He can simulate his power. That is to say, the more he touches the power, the more powerful he will be, and he is not limited by the five forms. You know, power and power are all singular, which means that it is impossible to have two kinds of power in the same form. But assor broke the law. He has more than 30 kinds of power, and there are more than 10 kinds of special power alone.
At that time, assor first used a special power called energy enhancement to instantly upgrade his super power to several grades, followed by his earth element power. He abruptly cracked the bottom crust of the Pacific Ocean, and then removed the special power to move the crust to the sea, but the crust was bare and inhabited by roots, so assor separated the wood element, water element and light element to accelerate the growth. The special power instantly turned the island into a dense forest.
Seeing all this and miracles happen before our eyes, all of us froze. assor shook a natural boundary by manpower alone, allowing it to evolve according to assor’s requirements. This is when the magical and great old man Baidu said that his eyes were shining.
Chen Feng is also admired in an audit. A person can build an island with more than 30 kinds of powers. This is no longer a magical shock. It is simply a god-like figure
Later, Chen Feng asked
Later, our powers lived on this island, and all countries in the world joined forces to destroy us when they knew that we were living behind. At that time, the United States had successfully bombed two big holes in Japan, and they fired that weapon at us. When the old man Baidu came here, he couldn’t help laughing. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the power was terrible and far more terrible than the branch weapon. assor jumped and the special power was intercepted in the middle and then jumped to the deep sea of the Atlantic Ocean, which would detonate the explosion and set off huge waves and tsunami, which deeply hit the confidence of Americans.
Since assor can jump, why not just send it back to the hometown of Americans? Chen Feng said that when assor kills the United States, the United States will not oppress those backward countries for a long time.
Because assor didn’t want a world war, the old man said that he moved from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in order to tell the world that since he could move to the Atlantic Ocean, he could also move to their country. His threat of force shocked all countries in the world and forced them to sign a peace agreement.
The signing of this agreement put an end to the misfortune that the power has been hunted for more than ten years, and also to the cruelty and cruelty, and this agreement has always guaranteed that the power should be integrated into the common life of the human world, provided that the power must hide its identity and not cause unnecessary panic before being exposed to people.
Why do you want this? assor can directly let all countries in the world recognize the legal status of power and then let power live in the world. What do you want to hide? Chen Feng asked in vain
You think it’s too simple, son. The main reason why countries around the world massacre power is that they are afraid of power. Then think about whether even governments around the world are afraid of population. Will ordinary people be even more afraid? Then people will be afraid of power and power will be born in the world. They are not gods, but also human beings, and they also need group life.
Assor let the power hide in the crowd, hoping to let human beings accept the power through a warm way and then expose the identity of the power. Although this road may take decades or hundreds of years, the ending means the most perfect. Since then, hiding in all parts of the world, the power has flocked to join the ranks of assor like a savior, and then organized into a super organization. Everyone is very happy, but assor finally doesn’t understand human nature, which finally leads to the division of the super organization. Old man Baidu was surprised when he said this.
The old man went on to say that man is a complex creature. When he sees that others are afraid of him, his confidence will swell, and then he will have the illusion that he is superior to others. People can’t escape this complex hidden character. Most of the abilities recognize themselves as superior species to human beings. They are at the forefront of the evolutionary path. Humans should replace human beings as the masters of the world and human beings should become their slaves.
Assor noticed that these people were different and tried to remedy them. He arranged for these people to enter the human world. He hoped that they could understand that there was no qualitative difference in human powers. He hoped that they would not divide human powers into two different species. But assor was wrong and he acted differently, which made these powers more convinced that he was superior, so people did not follow the agreement and wanted in the human world.