Ah, Evian howled wildly and once again turned into a huge blood eagle. The blood eagle spread its wings and just wanted to fly, but it was directly hit by frost wyrm. It didn’t explode or roar. That terrible ice sounded.

Evian turned into a giant blood eagle more than 100 meters, which was instantly covered by a thick layer of ice, and then Evian fell from the sky.
When a huge ice eagle falls to the ground, a mountain suddenly falls to the ground, which usually produces a terrible earthquake. The ice eagle is also torn apart and shattered to form the Yiyun field.
Qu Zhi’s burned bones, Evian is also frozen and divided. I never thought that this phantom demon valley was all-powerful. For more than 3,000 years, two great people of Warcraft finally ended up like this.
And with Qu Zhi Evian’s body that has no head, Li Mo’s blood keeps slowly from its two heads and necks. Finally, this old body is also crashing to the ground. Li Mo doesn’t say that even if he doesn’t have a head, even if he violates Yuan Ye’s will and is firm and thorough, he will die. In the end, the three great men turned out to be the same.
What’s this? What’s this? Playing with me? Seeing that one of the three biggest goals of my trip has died, Yuan Ye suddenly felt a stuffy impulse in his chest to faint. He desperately sent one of the elite brothers of Science Tianzong to the Ashura world, and all of them were killed. What is it that made Li Mo seriously hurt Qu Zhi Evian? They have three powerful men. The road in the future is bound to be smooth, but Yuan Ye didn’t expect that he would lose even Li Mo in Qu Zhi Evian. How could Yuan Ye not be angry?
Draw water from a bamboo basket and come to this world of Warcraft. Yuan Ye can follow this sentence from the world of Warcraft. He hasn’t suffered such a big loss. Unfortunately, he growled that all three great men were dead. This fact is a change of law.
With the death of Evian in Qu Zhi and the death of the East China Sea, the blood eagle family of the black python family finally fled in the state of the leader of the group. Unfortunately, this escape can live too little.
Lord Yuan Ye’s war of genocide has vowed to kill you, so that you can kill and flee. The blood eagle family, the black python family, was very depressed in Yuan Ye’s heart when a nine-baby family came to Yuan Ye and said anxiously, this person was going to kill Li Tian when he first saw Yuan Ye.
There are more than 100 people in his family of nine babies, and many of them died after this fight. Today, there are less than 70 people left to hunt down, and you can rely on a large number of younger brothers of Hao Tianzong.
What do you want to kill? Tell me what do you want to kill? Can the blood eagle family fly so fast that it can really be killed? At this time, Yuan Ye roared angrily and vented his bad mood.
Seeing Yuan Ye’s anger, Li Tian stopped talking. He knew that Yuan Ye had come to help the Nine Babies because the patriarch Li Mo promised to obey him, but now the patriarch died. In fact, Yuan Ye didn’t get anything. At this time, how can the Nine Babies owe Yuan Ye the qualification to let others help you as thugs?
Soon after the end of the war, everything calmed down, and nearly 100 people died in this war. Fifteen thousand people died, and the proportion of less than 100 people was very small. This is also because the brothers mainly killed those who had just entered the realm of great respect and weak, and occasionally encountered the strength of the other side, but more than 70 people in the Ashura world died. They were specially looking for each other to fight hard, almost with injuries.
Yuan Ye lost nothing in this battle.
Yuan Ye has been like this. Think on the bright side, Major General. These deaths, the number of Warcraft killed by Dan Department of Warcraft is absolutely enough. This is also good news for us to get through the fourth place. At this time, Bao Wenqian also came to Yuan Ye after the same experience of killing.
Go for a walk and take Dan and finish it quickly. Yuan Ye is also depressed and waving his hand repeatedly. I’m telling you, I’ve been depressed since I came here to pray for life. When I first came, I let people watch one by one like demons. When I saw it, I fled and met an acquaintance Zhuge Changhong. If Xiao Wang didn’t help me, it would be a comfort to get a personal respect directly. I didn’t hang up with me for a few days. I shouldn’t have come and hurried away.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine From the Phantom of the Opera Demon Valley
Phantom of the Opera and Demon Valley After World War I, three of the three demon valleys died physically, and the Nine Babies clan has successfully taken over the Phantom of the Opera and Demon Valley with the help of three great statues and ten peaks. It is a matter of time, and Yuan Ye Bao Wenqian is not in a good mood to take Dan of Warcraft. Yuan Ye directly left the Phantom of the Demon Valley with Bao Wenqian.
Phantom of the Opera, Demon Valley, Yuan Ye’s goal is to hunt for the Dan of Warcraft. From this perspective, his goal has been achieved, but it is very likely that he will get three places. In the end, he will draw water with a bamboo basket, which makes Yuan Ye extremely depressed. This cooked duck has never been respected.
At this time, Yuan Ye and Bao Wenqian went directly to the place where life is born, which is also the sacred place of praying for life. It is said that it is the place where Tai Sheng Lord often lives.
It’s the third day from the Phantom of the Opera and the Demon Valley, which is the tree of life in the north of Shengqian Town, which is famous for its tree of life. At this time of year, a large number of people are crowded and pray for elites from all walks of life to gather here to make waves spread far and wide.
At this time, Yuan Ye Bao Wenqian wore a big hat and looked at the tens of thousands of people in front. At that time, she couldn’t help but shake her head. This was the first time they saw this large-scale cloud.
Not far in front of this huge man is a forest filled with ancient flavor, with hundreds of feet of huge trees. The same giant stands in this shade, covering the sun, and it is difficult for even the sun to pour in. Looking at the depths of the forest, it is heart-rending and dark, and occasionally it is filled with fierce beasts, which makes people feel cold.
If you think that the tree of life is surrounded by a holy land, a pure land and a fairyland, then you are all wet. The tree of life is a tree in heaven with the praying world, and the tree of life is also the most lush forest in the praying world. There is no need to pray for the world’s most vast life gathering place, and it is also the biggest danger. The largest gathering place of Warcraft is even comparable in scale to the Phantom of the Opera and the Demon Valley.
Here, human beings are not masters of life, all are equal, and the same life commitment will not give human beings a chance to live. Without life commitment, those Warcraft will not become powerful people, and it is impossible to achieve even ten turns.
Seeing us like demons again, Yuan Ye shook his head with a hat behind the crowd, and he finally knew nothing. When he first met Zhuge Changhong, he would cover his face, because the eyes of people in the praying world were too strange.
No, our purpose is to accept life’s promise, and others’ eyes are to hope that we can accept more life’s promise and meet the requirements as soon as possible. From here, Luo Qiongshan Zhuge Changhong and others seem to have accepted life’s promise several times, but they all failed to meet the requirements. I hope we can have more. On the other side, Bao Wenqian is guiding.
When I heard Bao Wenqian’s words, Yuan Ye suddenly turned her head and looked a little serious. Beauty, I can tell you before that I can smoke as much as I want. This time, I will be able to meet the requirements. It is difficult to test the gods and even numbers from here. It is simple to believe that after the fourth and fifth, it will be easy to pass. Then I will enter the sixth pursuit, Ruxue Praying for Life. My horse will leave this hellhole.
How can I hear Yuan Ye’s words so quickly? Bao Wenqian immediately got a fright. I feel like I’m going to lose something very important for no reason. Generally, Luo Qiongshan and Zhuge Changhong are not more talented than him. However, they have failed to accept the life commitment several times. Bao Wenqian knows that she can get the life commitment this time, but this time she is afraid that the law will be completed and Yuan Ye wants him to say that he can do it. Bao Wenqian absolutely believes that Yuan Ye can contact Bao Wenqian these days, and he has deeply admitted to the man in front of him.
It is such a man who helped himself to get through the second and fourth place smoothly, and helped himself to accept life in less than a month. The man’s horse will stride forward to a farther distance, but she can’t follow him. Bao Wenqian was depressed to the extreme at the moment, so she would rather not accept life with Yuan Ye, so maybe she can continue to hold that sense of security together.
I’m not afraid that you know that I’m not the owner of the death artifact. Without the death artifact, I can help the Ashura world to fix my heart. My will to kill is far from enough. But besides the death artifact, I am the owner of three artifacts of life, light and darkness. I have four artifacts. If I test these four, I have almost no suspense.
Four artifacts. You have four artifacts. Only one Buddha has been born in years. Only two Buddha have you. Bao Wenqian’s surprise has reached the point where her white artifact is rare, and the more men are in contact with her, the more she feels unfathomable and charming.
Well, Yuan Ye doesn’t have much charm to nod and say, you want to get through this quickly. Fourth, you can be by my side when I accept the promise. To be honest, when I first sucked Shura’s heart, I just couldn’t bear the killing will. Later, the death artifact came to me and distributed the ripples of death heaven to help me resist the killing will. After that, all the death artifacts sucked Shura’s heart, but I didn’t suck it. I didn’t get the feeling that it was death heaven. You and I can get through this fourth, but I’m afraid you won’t get much from the benefits of life. You should consider whether to come with me or to the Chapter 16 Forest slowly.
Yuan Ye made it very clear that he sucked life together because it was his life artifact, and he didn’t have Bao Wenqian. He also let the life artifact help him suck together, and Bao Wenqian didn’t get much benefit after it passed smoothly.
After all, it is a great benefit to complete every test of the God level, so it is a pity to give up.