The word "not frivolous" does contain an eye-changing weight. The number of dynasties in the Eastern Xuan domain is countless as the number of stars, but everyone knows that a few of these star-like dynasties stand at the top.

That is the super dynasty.
The strength of super-dynasties is measured by the method of ordinary dynasty roots. In this eastern Xuan domain, it is said that super-sects are kings, so these super-dynasties are hegemons. Although they are not super-sects, their strength cannot be underestimated.
From those super dynasties, geniuses don’t have ordinary talents, and their starting point is not comparable to that of ordinary people. When they entered this ancient battlefield, they were at the top level. To some extent, it is almost certain that they entered the super Sect.
Therefore, the super sect is the most powerful in this ancient battlefield, because they dare not offend the local dynasty at all, because they also can’t afford to offend the super dynasty.
There is no super dynasty in the northwest region, and the super sect in this ancient temple only came to see their appearance after the ancient treasure house is now, which is obviously what Qi meant.
However, what makes people confused is that after this super dynasty arrived at the back of the ancient temple, except for the strong hand occupying the golden hall, it did not surprise others to grab the baby, but it was quiet, and it seemed to be waiting for something.
What they did made people puzzled, but it was soon reported that the super-dynasty troops were really waiting here in the ancient cache, but their eyes were quite high, and it was difficult for ordinary treasures to enter their eyes. They wanted to be inherited by the four great Xuanzong in the ancient cache.
According to the news from the ancient cache, the four Xuanzong inheritors were won by Liu Bai, Yan Sen and Lin Dong, and the most amazing thing is that Lin Dong, who seems to have the weakest power, monopolized the two Xuanzong inheritors.
After this news, there are even more shocking people, that is, they are fighting for the inheritance. Lin Dong actually defeated the three northwest regional overlords in Tian Zhen, grazing and hunting, and directly won two Xuanzong inheritors.
No matter how many people scoffed at the news, but when three people from Tian Zhen came from the ancient cache, the whole city seemed to be silent for a moment. Many people were secretly sucking air conditioning. They were really trying to imagine how a guy from a lower dynasty could have done such a terrible thing.
However, no matter how huge the sensation caused by Lin Shifu in the northwest of the ancient temple, the man never showed up, as if he were actually refining Xuanzong.
And when people know that the super dynasty troops came to this ancient temple, they are more or less gloating. They really want to see if the forest movement, which has repeatedly created miracles, can do anything extraordinary in the face of this terrible opponent.
In their ignorance, the ancient temple changed a month ago, and then watching Liu Bai Yan Sen and others in that city turned out to be a direct break
This wave of troops immediately attracted the attention of the super dynasty sitting in the golden hall, and it was also the appearance of super Wang Chaoqiang, but it was a pity that they didn’t expect the war. After a while, the two sides seemed to be afraid and finally they all gave up.
In this case, many people are a little startled. Why are some well-informed people able to know that this came to the ancient temple? Although the super dynasty is strong, Liu Bai Yan Sen has the same background behind him. I think that the super dynasty doesn’t want to clash with the forces behind them because of this commitment.
Some people are disappointed with this knot, but then they are full of energy, because they didn’t fight this time, but they will never be so anticlimactic again
Liu Bai Yan Sen’s background is not weak, but Lin Dong came to a real low-level dynasty. There is no super dynasty behind him. I’m afraid he has to dare to show up, so he has to give it to me.
Because this time it will be a super dynasty for him.
If the majesty of the super dynasty in this ancient battlefield is definitely not a low-level dynasty, even though he has created many miracles, the strength of the super dynasty is enough to erase the miracles.
Dagan dynasty
This is the super dynasty sitting in this ancient temple, a name that makes people tremble and fear even in an ancient battlefield.
Three kings and four generals of Dagan Dynasty, all of whom are prominent figures in the Nirvana List, have reached a rather amazing level.
This time, sitting in this ancient temple, waiting for Lin to move, two of the four generals came in the Dagan dynasty.
Fire will wish heaven fire.
Mountain Jiang mu Huang
Two great men who once shook the ancient battlefield, they were the real genius pearls in this ancient battlefield.
For those who have touched this ancient temple for a long time, they are eager to look forward to it, because they want to know whether the young man from the lower dynasty can continue his miracle in the face of such a real monster.
Is the miracle the end or the brighter? The answer may not be far away.
Several people in the ancient temple thought like this for a moment, and then they suddenly looked up at the sky, and the sudden whirlpool seemed to be stunned at the moment.