Well, Grandfather Wei suddenly sighed, you must kill you, so just kill it. Our family can’t dodge and be a grandfather. This is the greatest sorrow in our life. You have raised you for many years. You are like our own children. Do you know that if you want to kill your father, your family won’t say anything, and my family will make others take revenge? After the tearful statement, Grandfather Wei glanced at it, which seemed to impress me. However, our family wanted to tell you one thing before you killed me, which was hidden in my heart. For a long time, this matter is of great importance to you. For our family, I said that my life would be in danger. I came to our family to think about bringing this matter into the coffin all the time, but I really can’t bear to see you in the dark. Now that I’m going to die, I’ll tell you about it. I have to regret it after I die.

What name can’t help but ask
In fact, your parents were killed by soldiers to ensure that your parents were both killed when you were raised by the palace. Grandfather Wei hesitated for a moment and seemed to finally dispel all concerns. Righteously, he said, I really don’t want to see you in the dark and the official family work hard again.
What a shock? That’s impossible.
Father-in-law Zhen Wei sighed and symbolically wiped a corner of his eye with his sleeve. It’s also good to say that people will die. Our family has nothing to worry about this world anymore. Believe it or not, it’s up to you, Lord Zhen Tian. Stay out of this. It’s also a pity that our family died in their own hands.
What? The emperor of Fufeng country is too vicious. How can Sanada Masayuki treat his subjects like this? If you want to kill him, you can kill him and return him to the king. Alas, the emperor of our country is so afraid of my family’s happy village.
Who dares to touch my father and kill Sanada Yukimura with ShaQi just right should way.
Name suddenly turned around and took two steps forward without answering the question. Sanada Yukimura let you go this time, and then you will die in World War I and fly away.
Hehe, Sanada Masayuki patted Wei’s father-in-law on the shoulder and calculated Pepe.
It’s just right for you to cooperate with Master Zhen Tian. Grandpa Wei laughed. This stupid little thing has become our tool. Hey hey.
Wei Gonggong resolutely discovered his weakness when he looked at the short answer just now. A determined killer who can master this killer has lost the biggest feature of being a killer. Wei Gonggong’s emotional offensive easily disintegrated his defense line, but Jiang is still great. Sanada Masayuki looked at Wei Gonggong with a smile and turned pale slightly.
However, I still can’t hide it from the real Tian’s adult. It’s really worthwhile to worship Japan’s first soldier, the Legalist, who knows people’s hearts
Well, it’s up to you to see what happens next. I’m going back to me. I’m leaving. Sanada Masayuki Wei’s father-in-law laughed and bowed his hand to each other with satisfaction
Er, the assassin made a bold salute. Look at my reward, Patriarch.
Well, of course, you are indispensable, but you have to promise not to say anything. Oh, father-in-law Wei reached out and pointed an assassin’s forehead.
Is the assassin’s voice has not disappear body has been divided into two and a half Sanada Yukimura slowly put the knife back into the sheath assassin body collapsed to the ground.
Let’s go. Sanada Yukimura turned and walked away with an expression on his face.
I’m sorry to leave. I’m sorry to leave. Sanada Masayuki’s face is not a little embarrassed. He also went away
Father Wei stayed for a moment and shouted, where can I wash the floor?
Chapter ninety-six Dragon tears
Yes, it was an accident. Leng Mengzhe said coldly, but your two masters are already dead.
What wind dragon hoses surprised and asked who did it?
I have gathered the black mountain in the fallen days. I killed them. Even if you are dragons, you will be hit by me. In the laughter, the black mountain has covered up the land, and the dragon has been covered by this black mountain. This is the strongest blow of the fallen days.
It’s Diablo, exclaimed the demon son. How can he?
Brother even killed his own master. Are we still mixed up? Feng Long cast a glance at the hose and shook his head.
Come on, I’ll see which one of you can stop me from this last blow. The fallen sky has driven the black mountain with laughter. A black mountain constitutes a firm but gentle horse, which is rarely seen before when the leaves are falling around and the yellow sand is flying.
Honey, I want my hand. I’m sorry. Charming son mumbled and gently reached out to stop when Charming son thought about divine power, but he was restrained by wind magic. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to die. I said softly at Charming son’s side and then lifted Charming son and suddenly disappeared.
What are you doing? Ann exclaimed. She didn’t expect that the patriarch would actually
Nothing. He did the right thing. Sister-in-law can’t die here. Leng Mengzhe can finally care about the face of depraved days. Come and have a drink. Leng Mengzhe has climbed into his body, clutching a silver gun with his hands. He silently praised Lao Ran for helping me. It seems true that the spirit possessed Leng Mengzhe. There was an amazing three-color grudge outside his body. Take a shot at me. Leng Mengzhe faced the overbearing Shuang Yi sword and didn’t dodge a shot. Come to the heart of depraved days. Even if I die, I will drag you to hell together.
Ok, come to the fallen days and laugh wildly. He knows that he is already a spent force. After being injured, he will gather mana to force this move. The theory of Diablo extinction has been his last hand. It is also a must to die with honor.
In peace, I closed my eyes nervously. I didn’t know the meeting in this World War I, but it was absolutely earth-shattering. With a loud bang, I gently opened my eyes and saw a still picture.
It seems that this duel has stopped running.
Two dragons, one green and one white, joined forces to stand in front of the dark sword. The cold dream gun has penetrated the heart of the fallen heaven, and another purple dragon has gripped the shoulders of the fallen heaven from behind with its two huge front paws.
I was defeated by three dragons and a warrior. It’s not a shame. Hahahaha. With the fall of heaven, I laughed wildly, and the two dragons moaned. They broke into two pieces and fell heavily on the ground. The huge body crashed into the ground, making a big earthquake and making a noise. The black mans and cold dreams flew far away. Zi Long hissed and a pair of claws were born. The body of the fall day was torn in half and dissipated with the ashes.
Leng Mengzhe vomited a big mouthful of blood, rolled and crawled over and hugged the dragon that had been broken in two pieces. Why are you so stupid? I said you ate for nothing. Come back. I won’t think you ate too much any more. Don’t leave us. Leng Mengzhe cried and stroked and fought side by side with his comrades. The cold feeling penetrated into his heart.
Zi Long hovering in the middle of the heavy hit to the huge dragon tears have sold his mood.
Will you stop crying? I found Ann here and gently pulled Leng Mengzhe’s sleeve.
I don’t want Leng Mengzhe to yell rudely. At this time, he has lost four comrades-in-arms. What can keep him calm?
This man dresses just like you. It’s strange to be scolded. Ann is still indomitable and pulling Leng Mengzhe.
As cold dream zhe suddenly looked back only to see Ann pointing to a huge rock not far away to form the cave entrance.
However, the body is cold, Meng Zhe ran over and hugged him, but what do you say is strange? Leng Mengzhe looked at An An coldly and replied that he would never allow others to insult his brother even if he lost his life. This is what Dongfeng taught them.
It’s strange. He’s a vampire. Well, when he first got the light, he wasn’t exposed to strong light, so he didn’t keep it so good. You know him