Good love should be that two people can grow together, can carry each other and not be overwhelmed by life, and Qi Xin can work together to create a better life, washing the spring water with the spring water, dripping off each other’s filth and deformity, and cleaning each other from year to year.

I think growing love together should be mutual. It seems trite, but it is very difficult to find each other’s advantages in trivial life, not to mention going to each other. Many people will think that it is enough for two people to give full play to their strengths in life. I am more diligent than him, so I am lazy and there is nothing he dares to do. Then I will struggle to find him to make a decision, but people do need to find a complementary person on blind date. From a practical point of view, if you don’t have much demand for life, this complementarity is really feasible. You still hope that your life will improve, not just like the generation when you are in love.
I’m sure everyone agrees that when we identify friends, we must look for two people who are very similar. From the most direct level, we usually look for a person with high extroversion and extroversion. Hard-working people must hate laziness and cleanliness. People who throw things around are definitely unacceptable, let alone friends. The same is true of love. Whether looking for friends or seeking love roots, we are all looking for the side in our minds that we can look at ourselves in the mirror. Good love means looking at each other in the mirror and correcting what we don’t like until the other shakes hands and smiles in the mirror.
I think growing love together should be like this. After a day’s work, two people sit on a desk lamp for an hour or two before going to bed and read the articles they have met. Two people can share them or he can lean against the bed and read them to her. I finally feel that reading can quickly narrow the distance between two people. Because the way is closest to the soul, I never imagine how boring it is for two people to never read and never share life.
That is to say, good love grows together, and there are two basic ways to realize love: one is to the other side, and the other is to the outside world. Dead water is easy to stink and moldy, and so is love. Once two people are still living, there must be no fragrance, and living water will be cleaner and more pleasing to the eye.
Don’t look at and don’t give up the compulsory course of love, which is more worthy of our time and energy than career progress and position promotion.
Our lust is just a habit.
It seems that it depends on the matching degree of two people’s habits in life.
She tried to break up with her boyfriend several times, but every time she was defeated first, thinking about whether I would get used to it without him. I ate alone, slept alone in a class, and wandered around the room without a speaker. Although the two people still quarreled and fell in love less than before, the people around me were always fine, so she succeeded again and again. Even if she felt less happy, she became more and more depressed, and she didn’t want to break up.
By the time she was twenty, she had been in love for five times. Every time she reluctantly ended a relationship, she went into a relationship intermittently. The longest interval was two months, and the shortest was 365 days a week. Her focus in life was on her boyfriend, whether she wanted two people to talk together or not. She couldn’t imagine what life would be like without a boyfriend. People around her changed one after another.
At first, my teachers and parents thought that I didn’t understand the topic or the calculation method, but when I was still making 315 jokes, they were speechless. After I was in my twenties, I realized that it was not that I couldn’t, but that I had developed the habit of doing several questions. Many problems of this kind of animation machine could not be solved, but I didn’t know that many things would become accustomed to it when it developed to a certain extent, whether it was good or bad, concrete and abstract. If you were aware of an addiction and fear in your heart, it would have become accustomed to Jewish love.
There are two kinds of habits in love, one is used to being in love, and the other is used to being around people, which makes you afraid of being alone. This habit is terrible. It subtly makes you forget yourself, makes you weak and sensitive, and it is difficult for the same person to get up after being knocked down.
This lust for love, lust for love, and the leftover dregs have been chewed over and over again. The taste has changed, not because they are reluctant to vomit, but because they are afraid of vomiting, and they forget that they once held this kind of thing, or they will never hold it again after worrying about it. This kind of spoil is fatal. The longer things are preserved, the stronger the smell of decay is. The only way is to encounter a thunderbolt or cheating or violence, which requires a painful way to make the intoxicated people feel a little bit. I feel that numbness is too hard to peel off a layer of skin to make people feel a little pain.
However, there is another kind of infatuation, which is benign, and it smells like fireworks. Every pair of lovers are inseparable at the beginning of their love. They can’t wait to give their hearts to each other. The preservation period of this love is so touching because it is too short. When they fall in love again, they will eventually find the suit and tie. He is a sock and litters everywhere, and the sloppy man will eventually call the potbellied man his husband. There are always few sweet words left, but there are endless ones. When are they used to each other? Isn’t it? It’s good that whether love can be used to each other has become the most important indicator. Compare love to a big river. The stormy state is honeymoon calm and used, regardless of whether it is stormy or calm or the same river, its state is changing but its quality has not changed.
In the American film, we know that Holly Messer was forced to raise the two friends together because of the accidental death of their friends. Sophie just had no feeling and often quarreled and complained, but in the process of little Sophie growing up day by day, the two enemies slowly came together. This film is no different from ordinary American life, but the best thing for the director is to position the title of this film as we know that life is in front of life, and we are always looking for truth with our eyes closed. It always feels that real life lies in imagination, and the director’s simplest story tells us how much love is hated each other for a long time before the theory, and love will come.
Many times, don’t regard love as noble and mysterious. Don’t spend your whole life looking for the one that is the most suitable for people. It seems that it depends on how much two people are used to living. It’s hard to say how much love is difficult. Many people imagine it with a sincere admiration. It’s good to say that it’s easy to get used to it. It’s not tacky to live for a long time. On the contrary, it’s a kind of life beauty to include it.
Once a friend chatted, he said that his girlfriend was introduced by someone else, but it didn’t feel much, but when he was old, both families were in a hurry, so he couldn’t get married at the end of the year. When he spoke, he looked calm and innocuous. I asked him if you two were a good match. He smiled and said that he was very good, and his personality hit it off and took care of me. My parents were also very fond of her, but he just felt that he lacked a little passion. The street lamp swept across his face, and he seemed to be wondering what that passion was. But in my heart, my friend was steadfast
Let’s not be too melodramatic. Our lust is just a habit, and grand love is just a habit
Just appreciate men’s talents.
Talent, love, is probably the least thing in marriage, and it may add a lot of troubles.
Talent is a very complicated thing. People love to praise talented people, but in life, we often praise and struggle at the same time, so that those who are glorified with genius bow down to fame and fortune to tell cynics that talent is a pleasant scenery, but it is not feasible to eat it as food and wear it as clothes. It can be seen from a distance that real life is broken by careless jumping across a mountain road.
It is often said in ancient times that men prefer talented women to play the piano, write poems and dance in skirts, which can add a lot of points to women’s charm, but it is just talk. If Li Qingzhao, the first poetess of a beautiful beauty woman, is placed in front of her life and asked to choose, she will definitely choose the former West Chamber without thinking. This sour taste is not love at first sight for Yingying, but where have we heard that Yingying is versatile but depends on her face? Talent happens to women, except that she has filled her body and mind and won it. People applaud that external love is obviously not beautiful and sexy. It’s only when we hear Wallace Chung sing about men emotionally. Which is a visual animal? You dance long hair. Even a great little old man like Einstein wrote a letter to his lover saying that you recite the most beautiful poem. I get much pleasure from it. I don’t eat mushrooms and fry goose skin. You can win men’s hearts more if you read poems and don’t eat and drink. Women will be smart in both sexes. If they want to put on their bodies, they will be unable to please themselves.
But if talent is this thing, the man’s body is a different picture now. Even Hong Huang said that a man is divided into two parts, half of which is self-cultivation and half of which is quality. Most of the reason why a woman marries a man is because of his half. She was no exception. At that time, she was full of talent, but she was not famous. Chen Kaige got married. At that time, although she was the chief representative of your foreign company, she was bored and it was the normal life. She said that after she came into contact with artists, she felt that talent, especially artistic talent, was the only way for men to win. Can’t escape a man’s bohemian temperament, whose spirit is tender and tender, and whose talent sweeps through a woman’s heart. No matter how powerful it is, a wise woman will lose her sense of proportion in front of it.
Hong Huang is so magnificent. A woman still can’t escape talent robbing a talented man in front of Chen Kaige. Just look at it as a landscape. Marrying him is definitely not a tourist’s mentality. After marriage, Hong Huang discovered that two people have incompatible personalities. Chen Kaige is a person with strong personality. Every quarrel seems to teach her a lesson. In the end, their marriage can’t last any longer. When Chen Kaige is most famous, they chose to divorce.
When there are too many women in love, talent is a piece of paper, and it is broken. Huang Xiaohu also said in an interview that my former talented men are especially, but after they talked, I found that they are not what I expected. They are very cheap. When women who have suffered from talent in love regret it, I have also met women who are willing to push their men into the art pit, and it is not uncommon
Once watching a talent show, a man sang a song with great strength and emotion, but both the judges and the audience couldn’t help laughing. The out-of-tune and irregular lines were not good. The same naughty child was imitating an adult in a funny way. When he saw no one, he cried and sobbed, saying that the judges and teachers gave me a chance. I wanted to bring my wife here for so many years. She silently sang a song with a frosty face. She whispered that I had finished singing and helped him find a teacher. I was doing three at the same time.
The husband loves to sing and the wife just needs to be a quiet listener. It won’t be so hard for him to sing and listen to the day. It is necessary to train men to be singers. To put it bluntly, it is really deserved that we have to sacrifice our lives to get great talents. Let’s not let the ordinary people.
In fact, I also want to tell the wife another story. There was a woman who was as great as her, but her husband’s qualifications were very good. She participated in several talent shows and became an instant hit. She felt that everything she had done was worth it, but she couldn’t enjoy all the splendor. A year later, she exposed the news of two or three lovers of men outside. She made a hullabaloo about calling him ungrateful, but he told her lover that my wife didn’t want to see me at all, and I didn’t even know some basic music knowledge. There was nothing in common.
The woman in front may be lucky without music, but at least her husband is still alive. For many ordinary men, once the desire for success is ignited, that ambition will explode, burning himself and his family. It is not to say that you should not encourage men, but not blindly go on the wrong road. It is harmful for him to cheer.
Talent is the least thing in marriage. On the contrary, it will add a lot of troubles. Life can’t stand our tossing. Let’s just forget about talent.
Now, whenever I hear that a blind date is talented and considerate, I can’t help but want to spit one mouthful blood in her face and wake her up.
Be frank and open with secrets.
Women don’t keep it. It’s heaven that keeps it. It’s people.
For a long time, I have been talking about Cang Jiayangcuo’s phrase, how many secrets a person has to hide before he can spend his life skillfully. It easily hits many people, because everyone is more or less unwilling to know secrets. Secrets are always too heavy for some people to bear. To share with others, even if one person knows, it will be a kind of openness, while others choose to bury a generation in their hearts, as if they were buried, and they forget that people say that secret people will open their hearts because they have not met a loved one. Where will they think? Concealing, but in fact, secrets are a matter of different opinions. Some people think that keeping secrets is a harmful method to measure the power of secrets to others. Even if you encounter some secrets from that person, you should keep them in your heart.
When Miss Ignorance was still very ignorant at the age of twenty, she met the first man in her life. She loved him so much that she couldn’t wait to spray all the hormones in her body on him. He was mature and steady at the age of twenty-seven, and a lot of money could be given to Miss Ignorance. Miss Ignorance was glad to tell us that it was really happiest to talk about love once in life. At that moment, we, four or five years older than her, said that we were not envious of her, but completely jealous that two people were so well matched to talk about marriage. Minutes later, we provoked the ignorant lady to try to marry him. He said to the ignorant lady with a vicissitudes of life, don’t be so early. You are younger than a few years. After you get married, you will not be able to live alone. We all gnashed our teeth for the ignorant lady. What kind of man is this? If you come from another planet, you can be so considerate to the ignorant lady. If you were a different man, you would have locked her up with a ring and let her fall into the vortex of xiangfu teaching. Every day, it should not be called "the ground is ineffective."
Miss ignorant has been single for 22 years after another two years. She can’t understand why it’s so valuable to be single. So at the age of 22, she vowed to marry herself at the beginning of the year. We greeted her at the beginning of the year and prepared the gift money. We also followed her to add fuel to the fire. She urged her to die from January to January, so she slowly became ignorant. Miss wanted to face the fact that the wedding was going to be yellow again. She was embarrassed to face all our relatives and friends. There was a clamor to break up or get married. There was no third way. His tears welled up and he said, Then I choose to break up. Miss Ignorant once again confirmed that she fainted after breaking up. The man didn’t break up with her at home for a week. We friends were despicable detectives, and we found out one by one that he was married and his wife was pregnant. Our dear ignorant lady did the third place that was spurned.
We lambasted the man and couldn’t wait to kill him with a knife, sitting on the side of the ignorant lady, saying that maybe he really loves me, or else how dare we risk destroying the family to do these things? We can say that two years of youth have not changed her, and a few words will not help.
Fortunately, because of this ignorance, Miss Ignorance soon came to this relationship. At the age of twenty-four, she met her second boyfriend, Mr. Cleanliness. Two people of the same age have lost their families. Miss Ignorance is a very attractive type of woman. Lele is considerate of her boyfriend and dresses herself up as a princess every day. Almost two years ago, her boyfriend’s parents bought a house, and they discussed the marriage. This time, Miss Ignorance has been holding a rack, but Mr. Cleanliness can’t wait. She said that it is quite suitable for two people at home, and her age is not young.
We had already prepared the gift money and bought the bridesmaid’s dress, but the situation changed at this moment.
That Christmas, it was snowing all over the sky. Everyone was hiding in their own nest and didn’t even want to look out of the window. However, several women were called away by the ignorant lady at nine o’clock in the evening. She died and cried so hard that we couldn’t care less about the slippery road. The biting cold wind found her at first. She cried for an hour while holding us. It was estimated that the tears really disappeared before she stopped spitting out stiffly. Sisters, I broke up again. He didn’t want me. We were frightened. Didn’t he propose to you? Didn’t he wear a ring and buy a room? How do you say break up after breaking up? During the bombardment, I heard the ignorant young lady say forcefully that I told him something about me. At that moment, I could hear several people around me gasping for breath, but we still tried to ask you if you didn’t make it clear. Were you a victim at that time? You didn’t know? It’s irreparable? The ignorant young lady frowned and said that I didn’t dare to say anything. He also said that I didn’t know. He made me speechless. Now I don’t know if I was lying.
On the way home, I was wondering whether Miss Ignorance was wrong or Mr. Cleanliness was wrong, but if I think about it carefully, Miss Ignorance should take off her disguise to show herself clearly, even if it is dirty and Mr. Cleanliness can’t stand Miss Ignorance. It seems reasonable that men pay too much attention to some things, but maybe this one in his outlook on life since childhood is marked with a black line. If this thing is changed to another man who is not clean about this kind of thing, it may also be true. It’s just that if the ignorant lady didn’t talk about it, maybe the marriage would have been married long ago. I, the ignorant lady, have a sweat. We can grasp other people’s attitudes, but at least we can grasp our secrets.
An ignorant young lady has been in a slump for more than a year after two failed love affairs. She feels that she can’t get married. If every man cares about this matter, she will go to the wrong path. She is trapped in this thinking cycle and relies on a lot of sleeping pills to sleep every night. Whenever friends around her get married, she will definitely not show up on the wedding day. After several late love sisters around her get married, we finally wait for her news. By this time, she is 27 years old.
Her current husband, Lao Xia Wen, is gentle and honest, and the first two charming men have great differences in personality. We can all realize that the ignorant lady compromised or said that she wanted to protect her bottom. One day, she chatted with us with a heavy heart and told us that I hadn’t told Lao Xia that I didn’t want to tell him. If one day he knew, I would admit it.