Uncle Zhang, are they also investors? Zhang Jun asked

They are investors, but they are all embroidered pillows, he said
Section 174 Can’t hook
Zhang Jun, they chatted for a while, then pointed to a bunch of people over there and said, I used to listen to what I talked about, maybe it’s true.
No, it’s all a bunch of idiots. Uncle Li said with anger
Oh, Zhang Jun was stunned. He suddenly found that Uncle Li’s fat face showed some veins standing out. Is it because Uncle Li was a murdered Zhang Jun thought?
Uncle Zhang waved his hand at him and smiled. Zhang Jun said, "Listen if you want, but they can’t interfere with you."
It’s all right to listen to it. Uncle Li also said gently at this moment
Zhang Jun nodded and strolled towards this group of people, only to find that this group of people is really quite a lot, many of them are old residents in the community, and they often meet each other at ordinary times, but they don’t know who their names are. He quietly came to the outer circle of this group of people and listened carefully to their comments.
One of them immediately caught his attention. He was tall and thin, and he was about three years old. He was wearing a beige shirt and slender hands waving with intonation.
I told you that you should not be afraid of whether the market will end. I told you that this market will be super different. You can look at the current stock index, and then look at the current stock index, which is the corner of the mountain, he said.
An old woman asked, "What can I do if I buy a certain chemical? I’ve lost a lot of money and I’m worried to death."
Even I’m not good, said another
The man said, I told you that the annual stock index rose to 1: 00, and you said that if your chemical industry can go up, you can rest assured that the stock will go up. Haha, he finished laughing and Zhang Jun found that his smiling face had been slightly distorted, but there was nothing wrong with it. Just listening for a while, he thought like this and just didn’t move.
The army is coming, and our stock god is coming.
With the voice, it seems that the proprietress selling fried dough sticks is saying that as she said it, she called Zhang Jun into the crowd to say a few words. In fact, Zhang Jun doesn’t like to show off when there are many people. At this time, the crowd has already moved a channel, and Zhang Jun can’t walk in. He looked around uneasily and looked at what instructions the proprietress said.
I just want to hear you talk about stocks. She speaks quickly.
He said it was fine. Zhang Jun pointed to the man.
The proprietress smiled and said, we’ve been listening for a long time, and now we want to hear about you, a stock god. After she finished, she told everyone that you may not know the strength of the army, but he is the most profitable shareholder in our community. It is said that how many times has it earned this year?
People around him immediately cast envious and jealous eyes. Zhang Jun Bai, these people are all recent stock market people. He suddenly remembered that he should advise everyone to do something good.
The stock market risk should be cautious when entering the market. Zhang Jun said the first sentence, but he knew everything, but he didn’t know a word. Then he went on to say that the second market is dominated by funds, which can also be said to be the market of all people. This market will increase for another month or two, and then it will be a plunge. I advise everyone that the stocks in their hands are profitable now, so they should be sold during this period and then stay away from the stock market and this market.
Come on, I think you’re just shocking. A big-headed man doesn’t bother to say anything.
Zhang Jun didn’t give him a look, and he went on to say that we all live in the same community. I really don’t want to see who jumps off the building last.
A man asked me to buy a certain chemical, and now I have lost a lot of money. What do you think?
Zhang Jun thought about it and said that the stock index plummeted, but I think the market will rise for another month or two. At that time, whether you lose money or not, you have to sell this, which is not negotiable.
At this time, the big man chimed in and asked if you were young and how much money you made.
Occasionally, I made a little profit. Zhang Jun said gently
After hearing this, the backstabbing man disdained to say that it was only a little money that he came to fool me. You said that the market was going to be so big. Look at how good China’s economy is. Will the stock price run counter to it if it is not economical?
Zhang Jun thought to himself, yes, China’s economy is so good, won’t the stock price follow? I really can’t answer it in this respect. He thought for a moment and smiled and said yes, I hope you are right.
Zhang Jun said that and walked home from the crowd. As he walked, he thought that people said that it was right. Although the valuation is high now, China’s economy is very good. After some adjustment, it will rise to the next level. I have to ask her well later.
Finally, it was more than 8 o’clock when Zhang Jun walked to her house with a lot of questions. As he walked, he took out words and dialed her words.
Hey, did Jiahui take a shower yesterday? Zhang Jun teased her.
Zhang Jun ha ha smiled and said, hey, I just heard a man talk about Avenue, but I can’t explain it for a while. Tell me later.