The incarnate son shook his head, but his body was completely protected, and the death interval was not long when he was resurrected. He was a vampire before he died, which was the last thing he had, and his body had vanished. Even to the elves, he was resurrected.

But you are a god of death, and I still don’t give up looking into the eyes of the incarnate son. You are in charge of the life and death of all things in the world, and nothing can revive him.
Charm, don’t turn your face away, your voice is trembling slightly. When we break up or I have to return to heaven, I promise you that I will give it back to you.
I let out a heavy blow on the big stone and it broke.
What’s wrong with you? Your charm grabs my hand in love.
What is so cruel? If you want to live and die together, you will lose your favorite wife. I silently look at the dark night and deeply feel that I am small. What should I do?
Leng Mengzhe was alone at the foot of Houshan Mountain, but he had already seen Yukime waiting there before dawn.
There you are, Yukime. Say hello and raise your exquisite wooden box. I brought you breakfast.
Wow, Xue Leng Meng Zhe’s eyes immediately turned into peach hearts. How considerate.
Come and eat while it’s hot. Yukime has made a box of promises to see if the milk is still cakes. I’ve overheated all the milk snacks. I’ll make breakfast so that you can make up your mind.
Xue personally made snacks for me. Leng Mengzhe is already tender and needs to walk alone.
Yes, come and try my craft. Yukime smiled and picked up a cake and handed it to Leng Mengzhe.
Uh-huh. Leng Mengzhe swallowed it in one bite.
Damn it, you almost bit someone’s hand. Yukime said with anger, slow down, or you’ll choke.
Eating alone, Leng Mengzhe finally wolfed down and didn’t forget loneliness.
What the hell are you eating? Lonely and depressed, saying there’s milk left.
Well, I won’t grab milk from you. A bowl is yours. It’s my cold dream. I sweep away the cakes sweetly and then drink milk.
Is it delicious? Little Leng Xue looked at Leng Mengzhe in her heart.
It’s delicious. Xue Leng Meng Zhe is full of praise, then wipes his mouth and pretends that it’s nothing. Will you cook something for me for the next generation?
Ah, what? Yukime froze
Ah, nothing, nothing. Lengmengzhe really didn’t have the courage to say it again
Oh, hehe, Xiao Leng is so strange today, but it’s still cute. Yukime smiles and says Xiao Leng, I have to refuel, and I must beat Tai Sen.
Enxue, don’t worry. Leng Mengzhe stretched out a fist and waved it. I will.
He’s bound to die here. An extremely annoying sound is inserted into you. The dialogue is too long and disgusting. Tai Sen chews a piece of meat in his chicken leg so that I can finish your drama in the frontcourt.
Wow, it’s shameless of you to eavesdrop on our conversation. Leng Mengzhe has already held his own silver gun, but it means that you and I can go back alone in this game.
Well, Tai Sen shook the chicken leg and took a big axe with a long handle. He sneered, I’m two years older than you, so I’ll let you have the lead.
Answer the gun Leng Mengzhe stopped talking. As soon as the wrist turned red, the tassel was shaken up, and the big gun was spinning rapidly and flew to Tai Sen.
Good marksmanship. After Tai Sen called this, he suddenly found himself hiding from the feeling be nasty. He tiptoed backwards and pulled a follower to throw it at your gun.
Wow, with a scream, the valet was shot by Leng Mengzhe.
You’re so mean. Leng Mengzhe doesn’t look at the body at the gun tip. He hates saying that his brother died in exchange for his own life. Are you worthy of being the boss like this?
I don’t need you to worry about how I do it. Tai Sen disdains to say that he doesn’t know how to be mean. He can say that you are not mature enough. The axe has fallen to Leng Mengzhe’s head before his word.
Chapter DiYiSanYi Behind the Beauty
Don’t shout alone and want to rush forward, but you are blocked by Tai Sen’s hands.
I’m stuck. Leng Mengzhe tried hard to pull it out, but he couldn’t pull it out. He got stuck in the crack of a corpse and got shot in the head.
Die, Tai Sen, grinning. The axe is shining and will fall on Leng Mengzhe’s head.
Leng Mengzhe used his quick wits to pick up the body and meet the axe. The axe split the body in half as soon as it opened, and Leng Mengzhe finally took the opportunity to pull out the spear and then his body flew three feet backwards. You are mean, sinister and terminating.
How to hum Tai Sen didn’t give Leng Mengzhe a break? It was another axe.
You’re making fun of these three axes. Leng Mengzhe started with a silver gun and an axe.
Hum, fight with me to die. Tai Sen has a plan and put all his strength into this split
Leng Mengzhe, a big stupid pig, smiled and changed the gun in his hand from the rack. When he unloaded it, he unloaded Tai Sen’s coping force to one side. When Tai Sen lost his focus, his huge body staggered forward.
Leng Mengzhe’s dexterity flashed, and he flew up and kicked in Tai Sen’s soft underbelly. As ouch, Tai Sen’s hundreds of pounds flew sideways.
How about Leng Mengzhe pointed a gun at Tai Sen’s chest?
Plop down to the ground alone
What’s the matter? Lonely Lengmengzhe exclaimed when he looked back and saw loneliness.
Poison, loneliness and hard work squeezed a word from the mouth, and it was already full of sweat and collapsed to the ground.
Poisonous cold dream zhe suddenly found that his body was gradually weak, and the silver gun in his hand seemed to become heavy, and then his legs became soft and he collapsed to the ground.
It’s not poison. Yukime smiled and Tai Sen came together. It’s just anesthetic. It won’t kill you. It’s just that you two have temporarily lost your ability to act in these hours. In other words, your lives are in our hands these hours.
You have a cold dream about our anesthetic. You hold on to your chest and your body is numb, but your heart hurts. What kind of anesthetic can make your heart not hurt?
Yes, it was in the milk you just drank. It’s a pity that you ate too many cakes and drank too little milk first, otherwise you would have fallen over Yukime and left your beautiful mouth just now. You are really idiots. You were so easily taken in.
Who the hell are you? Leng Mengzhe gasped and tried to stay awake.