Ai Xin’s breathing is getting heavier and heavier, and her groans are getting louder and louder, and her body is moving more and more frequently. She really wants Situhao to quickly enter the substantive sprint stage, but Situhao chews her so hard that she can’t bear to let him stop biting.

Situhao tossed and turned his legs around the huge peak. Her legs were twisted together at this time, and her right leg was tightly clamped by her legs. He could feel that his right leg was gently soaked in a secret place, which made him more and more stimulated.
The prelude worker has been preparing for nearly half an hour, and this is the essence of his madness. When he constantly impacts Ai Xin’s groans and harmonies, he becomes charming, and the sound is very loud and reverberates in the guest room.
In Situhao’s adjacent room, Bai Lidai’s ear was attached to the wall. Listening to the ring here, her face turned red, and her breathing became heavier and heavier.
She finally talks to her with Bai Yi’s heart. It’s definitely not grandiose. Love between men and women can really make women crazy. She can’t help but sprout in her mind. Chapter 4: Super fighting capacity.
The hand-to-hand combat between Situ Hao and Ai Xin Yuan continued until dawn, and the two men took turns to attack either Situ Hao or Ai Xin Yuan. After more than a year of forbearance, they finally got it back together with interest on this night.
Ai Xinyi is definitely a very familiar and harmonious woman. Her advantage in understanding men has made Situ Hao’s love reach a hearty level.
Situhao can change the five elements of the animal cultivation cheats at will because he has practiced them. He will quietly sharpen the animal cultivation cheats and make some small adjustments to his body to condense the five elements, and he will be alive and kicking immediately.
A meter of sunshine shot into the window sill, and it was satisfying to lie down on Situhao’s face.
Situhao looked at her beautifully, and those giant peaks pressed on his chest and impacted his spirit with interest. He suddenly turned over and pressed Ai Xin to his body.
No, I can’t stand it. Please leave me alone. Ai Xin-yi said weakly.
In the face of Stuart’s demand for degrees, she is really dying.
Stuart smiled and told you I would make you get cold feet, gnome male-".
You are the best man I have ever met. You need so much love between men and women. I really don’t know how you survived without touching a woman for more than a year.
Well, when you are overwhelmed by things, you don’t think about them. It’s not too hard for me for more than a year.
Baby, you’re only twenty years old. What can you do?
This is not clear in one sentence or two, and I don’t want to tell you these careless things. I want to do the most heartfelt thing with you, sister. Let’s do it again.
Can’t I give up? I’m afraid you can’t? I don’t want to walk without strength
Sister’s work is quite good. It would be great if I could be with my sister every day. Situhao said with a straight face
To tell the truth, Situ Hao never thought that he would be so powerful. He can still be alive and kicking after repeated wars, which is inseparable from his practice of practicing the secrets of beasts to the articles on beasts.
On the same day, he practiced the secret book of animal cultivation, but he didn’t practice until the beast article. He just got rid of the taboo of the secret book of animal cultivation. Sun Relan kept loving in that dry cave several times, but every time he finished it, his spirit would be worse. In the end, he turned out to be backache and weak.
Moreover, Gong Sunruolin still has to wait for a break in love, but today he has been fighting several hand-to-hand battles, and his spirit is still very full. He never thought that he would be so brave.
Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to affect his body and mind.
I don’t want to be with you every day. In that case, I will be tortured to death by you. A man like you can’t marry a wife or two. I promise they won’t live long.
That’s what SiTuHao said. It’s impossible for him to marry a woman like Ai Xin ‘an, but at most, he can play with her and get what he wants.
Marry a wife or marry a woman who is single-minded about him. He doesn’t wear a green hat.
Don’t worry, I can’t marry a wife either.
I knew that when a good man said this sentence, Situ Hao listened to the murderous look in Ai Xinyi’s speech, but it was not that he was so fleeting that he could not capture the fleeting murderous look in her speech.
Situhao certainly won’t say, but she smiled and put her naked body in her own bad, and kissed her bright forehead gently. It doesn’t mean that a man who marries more wives is not a good man. He should be able to take care of his wife, but they pay all the costs. This is a good man.
Nonsense. A good man should be faithful to his whole life.
Situhao couldn’t help but take me for a moment. A woman root can’t satisfy me. If I really marry a woman, it will soon push them to death. If you really say that I am a good man?
Why don’t you just keep your needs to yourself and have sex with your mother as little as possible?
Many things don’t mean that you can endure.
Well, we won’t argue about such a thing. If you don’t marry me, I won’t marry you, said Ai Xinmai impatiently.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
No, I still want to save my strength to walk. Help me solve the acupuncture points quickly. If I don’t go, my cousin may come to you for help.
I really can’t bear to part with you. Situhao made a heartfelt speech.
This kind of extremely familiar harmonic girl is not so easy to meet.
Ai Xin-yi’s slightly one-eyed face has rarely been reluctant, and I hate to part with you, but we will still part after all.
How long will you stay here?
I don’t know, maybe a day or two, maybe a month or two, but even if I stay, I can’t come to you again.
What SiTuHao depressed voice asked.
A lot of things can’t be known casually because Ai Xin said faintly.
Ai Xin’s voice fell to the ground, and Situhao immediately understood her meaning.