The old man’s eyes were bright, and he asked slowly, the gray-black gas in the armor of the pavilion is the blood force.

Meng Fei dazed him immediately. The old man must have seen the blood source. When he felt the blood ShaQi inside, he immediately became white.
You have a good eye. These gray-black gases are derived from blood force.
The old man’s face is getting more and more dignified. According to my old knowledge, the blood in Wangling is a kind of yin and cold force. After touching this force, all creatures will be affected by the blood and become unconscious killing machines.
He paused and looked at Meng Fei carefully. He looked at the pavilion with a hint of alarm and fear in his face. It seemed that the blood ShaQi was inhaled into his body, and the pavilion didn’t look like an insane killer. I don’t know why.
Meng Fei said without hesitation that he was not afraid of blood ShaQi because of his special constitution.
Since the old man gave him the reservation of the body armor cultivation method, he was embarrassed to deceive others in this matter.
Moreover, Meng Fei said that his special constitution is just that he is not afraid of blood, but he is not afraid of other old people. Even if he is surprised in his heart, he will not doubt other places.
However, the old man nodded his head and showed a sudden color.
The blood of Wang Ling is famous for its blood, and it has been studied for a long time if the French words are cracked.
Since there is no crack and Meng Fei can transport it, the only explanation is his special physique.
Is it amazing?
Although it is rare to have this magical constitution, it is not a must.
However, this is a personal life, and others only envy it, but they can’t force it.
The old man nodded slightly and said, "Be careful." He vomited again, and the three-dimensional light burst again to cover him with a layer of armor.
After trying to get a bad blood, the old man immediately became more energetic than even wearing a broken armor.
A lot of true qi circled around him, and the old man took a step backwards quickly, and then a punch came every other time.
The rumbling sound suddenly exploded in the middle, and a huge force came towards Meng Fei’s chest with a substantial impact.
The ethereal blood ShaQi although severe, but after all, it’s just some virtual body when not in contact with specific things.
In particular, it was suddenly scattered toward both sides by a powerful shock of true qi.
Meng Fei sighed in his heart that the old man was experienced and he might have been to that place called Blood King Ridge, and he knew the way to deal with blood Shaqi, that is, the true qi forced him to go, so he didn’t care that Meng Fei’s blood Shaqi would touch him.
Hey, but a smile, Meng Fei’s vertical palm is on his chest. After testing the armor power, Meng Fei’s competitiveness is also provoked. He wants to see how powerful this powerful statue really is.
Of course, after seeing each other with his bare hands, Meng Fei didn’t move the golden hoop.
The huge stone struck Meng Fei’s chest and exploded. Although the two men’s fists were just separated from each other, they didn’t really hit together, but this pure fist force also made their bodies tremble slightly.
In particular, Meng Fei’ s martial arts are involuntarily gone.
His toes touched the ground slightly and he retreated to the side of the mountain in an instant.
Only then did he know that the first punch of the old man had actually collected most of the true qi. Otherwise, the fear of his armor in that punch was not as simple as the rupture of his forearm
In Meng Fei’s heart, there is a strange feeling that the old man’s power with his fists is more than that of ordinary weapons.
The old man immediately jumped up like a fly when he hit his hand, and struck with his fists around Meng Fei, causing a loud and continuous sonic boom in the process.
Feeling seems to be a big impact on all sides. Meng Fei gathered his mind and feet like a pair of huge suction cups and firmly sucked on the ground. Then the old man blew up with a punch and a knife.
Although the old man’s fists and fists were powerful, he hit the blade and axe mouth every time and made a huge explosion.
However, fighting for a moment, Meng Fei suddenly found himself unable to do anything.
Every time the true qi collides, he will consume a lot of true qi. Although he can continuously absorb the true qi of the transformation body of heaven and earth, this transformation speed is far faster than the consumption speed.
Meng Fei complained in his heart. What happened to this old man? He refused to use a lance at this point, and his fists and fists were so exaggerated that he was almost out of breath.
Soon, the old man roared again with a punch, and the wind pressure of the punch Meng Fei was distracted.
Huo Ran Meng Fei’s eyes lit up and he seemed to see a strange scene.
At the bottom of the sea, the strange fish swayed in the water and swam in a strange way.
At this time, in the shadow of the old man’s fierce fist and wind, isn’t it another underwater?
Meng Fei took a deep breath. He didn’t continue to recklessly this time, but returned to his palm. His body twisted strangely.