That sound used to pass through the deepest memory of the body, but the old sound is different. It clearly comes to an end. Cang Lan Fang is no longer wandering in the distant past and the misty future, but really keeps approaching the body of the teenager.

A strange heat gradually poured into the meridians to destroy Canglan, and the warmth felt as familiar as a reunion after a long separation, as if it had turned several times before the distant wilderness and returned to destroy Canglan.
Sensing that the heat instantly extinguished Cang Lan, which was held up by heavy sleepiness, and the flash of light, like the fire of creation shining on the earth, aroused a large number of flashes and roared into my heart, but it was a kind of desire to burst into tears, as if to see the treasure tossing and turning and the fate finally returned to my hands.
Destroy the surging billow was touched by the hot heavily hit his chest, and his soft body turned out to be full of energy, standing tall and two pieces of heat rushed to his heavy eyelids.
When he opened his eyes, he instantly rolled two hot tears and rolled his eyes into the wind.
Qingyang destroyed Cang Lan and moved a few times before his lips and teeth began to vomit huskily, and he felt a sense of astringency and vomiting. As his lips and teeth opened, he rushed to the top of his throat and slammed into the blood everywhere.
Destroy Cang Lan’s body and burst into a thick blood fog, and immediately broke the lingering white light, hissing, cracking, spinning and blinking. The white light, which was bewitched by soft and corrosive force, was exhausted by the impact, and the white gas was unwilling to entangle the blood fog but was swallowed into pure blood.
The blood fog flies and disappears in an instant. Canglan suddenly stands up, slamming into the water with a dry and dying fish, and screaming and gathering to the blood pupil makes the collision that is still in the brain even more resounding.
Qingyang is the destruction of Canglan by Qingyang, coughing up a mouthful of thick blood and holding up a half-broken face. Holly got up. In front of him, there was a piece of disorderly dancing debris, which divided a piece of purgatory with tiny petals. The fierce Qingyang sound seemed to break through the layers of psychedelic barriers from behind this chaotic light and shadow. Chapter 78 Love words are the most misleading and half-mutilated.
Destroying Cang Lan’s swollen body is almost bursting, but it is still stiff and painful, and there are still some chaos. The gv 10 is still roaring, but it is destroyed by Cang Lan’s strong pressure on the temple to mobilize.
Cang, however, at this time, the last call of the fierce green sun suddenly broke the same one, pulling the curtain and generally covering everything. Click and break it, and just spin up the broken light in the mourning platform of Cang Lan.
Ah, when a string in Cang Lan’s mind suddenly broke, he stumbled and stepped on a blood tide, and a splash of snow and blood instantly soaked his black robe.
He hurriedly looked up and stabilized his mind, blood pupil and shimmering light to see that blood and smoke filled the night, and his eyes turned sharply and locked the empty body like a pale moon. It was only in that heat guide that it quickly filled up before the fierce Qingyang called out from nowhere to destroy Cang Lan, but the black dream was eliminated.
With such a powerful psychedelic array destroying Cang Lan, while forcing yourself to wake up and running cold and hot air, where did the dark channel Qingyang sound come in, which could awaken my power and weight again?
The eyes don’t dwell on destroying Cang Lan’s mind, but there are still remnants in my mind. Just in those days, the curling wave of ice and snow slowly retreated and dragged the splash of blood to stare at the strange pale moon, and I can’t eat any more at all. This law is really severe.
The pale moon turned up with white eyes and looked coldly at Cang Lan. The cinnabar seal that gradually flooded with blood and light spread as sharply as the third eye, and the pale moon looked at each other through the blood wind that swept through everything.
Destroy the surging billows and slowly tread through the shattered building fragments and dust, making his broken half face more smudged and horrifying. Around the cold light flashing, the blood pupil slightly encouraged the pale moon, but there was no movement. With the blood fog filling into the same full egg, it gradually drew a more rounded arc.
Well, when Cang Lan feels a turbulent vortex light swirling from the center of the pale moon, although he can’t see a trace of rolling clouds, he can feel coils of vortex flying from the center of the pale moon.
A dizzy feeling poured into the soul of Cang Lan Tian Ling. He immediately stopped looking at the pale moon, stabilized his mind, and quickly mobilized his strength. The cold and hot air rushed to the meridians everywhere, which had been stagnant for a long time. Yuan was dragged by the cold and hot air and vibrated slightly.
Destroy the surging billows, the more I feel that my body is swollen with the airbag that is about to burst, and I can’t hold my feet and stand on the ground. I stand up and grab my chest and say, I can’t die here.
The pale moon seemed to blink slowly with a slight shock, and the heavy and elegant man was smiling all around from the night dome.
That smile will destroy Cang Lan’s heart. At this time, he suddenly stepped back and stepped on the edge of a ruin, rolling down and smashing bricks and tiles to hit him.
Destroying Cang Lan’s body suddenly stirred up a piece of fly ash, but it turned into nothing when it was scattered into the night. However, it was true to smother the sore throat. It’s better than destroying Cang Lan’s cover of his lips and teeth and repeatedly coughing and panting. It’s been a long time since he dumped his palm and blood beads to control this array.
The man didn’t answer, but he was laughing with reverberation. He could imagine that there was a fragrant tea at his hand and he was watching everything in the array like watching a play.
Destroying Cang Lan really feels that he has been trapped in a cage, and his prey is colliding and spinning in this impenetrable barrier. This situation is seen by the black hand behind the scenes.
The pale moon blinked slowly and laughed in the wind. Suddenly, a word passed by the back of his head like a ghost, and then quickly brushed his ear and became a poor echo. Even if you can get up in a nightmare, you can’t go.
Well, I tried to trace the whereabouts of the sound, but I felt that the man was everywhere in every inch of bloody night wind, and the cycle could finally get into his gv 10 directly.
Laughing at the bottom of the long tow suddenly turned to fly to the direction of the pale moon, and the moon was rippling with a quiver, and then the ring was cut off around the extinguished Cang Lan.
This sudden and complete silence mercilessly picked up out Cang Lan’s heart, screaming, killing, screaming, whistling and exploding, all gone, and even the rubble that kept rolling and hitting the foot of Cang Lan was scratched with sharp pain, and no friction was present.
If ordinary people had been crazy by this frenzied, dead and crazy transformation, destroying Cang Lan was tightly stretched in their minds, and it was hard to regain their wisdom. Half of their broken lips would be bitten even more, and the terrible pain would help him stay awake tightly.
As if it were the last scene, the gongs and drums saw a low cough in the dark moon, and the man was sad at the slightest breath, and the gale swept through the robes of Cang Lan and then silently blew up the drama.
This is the destruction of Cang Lan, and I can’t even hear my own voice. I stare at the blood pupil slightly and see that everything collapses in front of me. It seems that Shui Ying broke Violet and lived in blood night, and everything is melting.
The night peeled off into sharp pieces, blood and smoke scattered into several pieces, and the building swept everywhere like dust and sand, and everything was falling apart.
Destroy surging billows in this breath, but in the illusion of vigorous disintegration, I feel that my body’s edema is about to burst, and my pain quickly rushes to a high point, and I feel that I am holding my chest tightly without breathing.
A memory suddenly broke through the mind of destroying Cang Lan. He remembered that day in the chamber of secrets of Violet Sect, I don’t know, and others hurried away because of the attack of the underworld. I don’t know, the last killing order was to disintegrate this dreamland and bury him in the virtual.
However, when Cang Lan’s heart burst into a roar, he stood up mercilessly, regardless of the instantaneous explosion of his arm. A wound dragged his blood and his arm quickly turned around and tried to search for the array eye.
On that day, Violet Sect’s dreamland chamber could still find the layout of the magic method, but the nightmare array of the eye disappeared from the moment it stepped into it, which almost broke the eyes and saw a little dreamland layout, let alone found the array eye worn out.
But the speed of dreamland disintegration is that no one waits for anyone to destroy Cang Lan’s body, which is so crowded and twisted that the bones and muscles are torn and dull.
Destroy the surging billows and mercilessly cover the elbow of the right arm and bend the barb, while the fingers of the bones are immediately scratched, the flesh and blood are horribly broken, and the face is extremely painfully twisted.
His mind is broken, and he can’t connect. At present, he is the last side, indifferent, towering, broken walls, and broken bricks are falling into vain, and he is going to the end.
After the destruction of Cang Lan, the long-lost man suddenly went straight into the heart of the destruction of Cang Lan, and a strange smirk crashed and shattered the bloody scar on his chest, which made Cang Lan stumble and fall to the rapidly broken wall.
Well, a reversal of Cang Lan has been exhausted, and it’s going to crash and be buried. Just then, I heard the man suddenly shout with disbelief, which is impossible.