Wang Kun is a five-star martial artist, one star higher than Song Feng. It is almost impossible to defeat Wang Kun, but at this time Song Feng’s eyes are full of refusal to Wang Kun, and his machete is straight at Wang Kun’s head.

Even death can’t be a threat. Song Feng’s idea is very simple. Today, the Song family is finished, but Song Feng won’t let himself become a black dragon gang to threaten Song Yun’s chip. Song Feng is the only one who dies.
Is that all you have to do? Wang Kun is also a sophisticated figure. He has already seen Song Feng and is determined to die. This time, the Black Dragon Gang just seized Song Feng and threatened Song Yun. How could Song Feng die so easily?
Wang Kun’s body movement is like an agile cheetah, and he constantly flashes the machete in Song Feng’s hand. He also slaps it on Song Feng’s body and is directly hit by Wang Kun. Wow, he vomited an one mouthful blood.
Father Song Ronger quickly rushed to Song Feng to look at his face blanched. Song Feng Song Rong Er’s face was full of anxiety. At this time, Wang Kun’s face slowly came to Song Feng step by step with a proud expression.
Today, I will destroy your Song family. Soon, your Song family will die. Wang Kun has a great hatred in his heart and his face is full of crazy expressions.
I’m fighting with you. Song Ronger’s face is full of firmness, and he punches Wang Kun.
The joke is a six-star martial arts player who dares to laugh wildly at my hand. Wang Kun didn’t put Song Rong Er in his eyes and shot at Song Ronger at will.
Before the palm of your hand was strong, it hit head-on in front of Wang Kun, a five-star martial artist. Song Ronger didn’t even have the qualification to be a hand. Wang Kun didn’t leave any hand to shoot in the Song Dynasty. Rong Er Song Ronger never lived to hope.
Yunge Rong Er can’t be with you anymore. You should take care of yourself. Song Rong Er’s face is full of tears. At the moment of her hand, she was determined to die. Song Ronger didn’t want to become a black dragon port and threaten Song Yun’s chips. Only death can be completely relieved.
It seems that I feel the warm embrace again. At this time, Song Ronger’s face is a happy smile. During this period, Song Rong Er worked very hard to practice, otherwise he would not have risen from Wu Sixing to Wu Sixing in a short time. Song Rong Er worked so hard. At the beginning, the agreement was to follow Song Yun forever, but now it seems that there is no chance.
Rong Er Song Feng’s eyes were torn apart, but he wanted to get up, but it affected his own injury and vomited one mouthful blood, but Song Feng didn’t feel any effort to rush at Song Rong Er.
Wang Kun’s face is crazy. If he can, he wants to torture everyone in the Song family and then kill the Song family. Now it’s just Wang Kun’s heart.
Wang Kun’s palm is about to fall and watch Song Rong Er disappear. At this moment, a figure quickly passes through the crowd. Now Song Ronger punches his violent vitality and blocks Wang Kun’s punch.
Ah, Wang Kun screamed and quickly retreated.
Fool, don’t be afraid that I’m coming. Someone will pour Song Rong Er into your arms and whisper.
Yun Ge Song Rong Er is full of tears and his face is full of happiness. Chapter 56 You are all going to die.
Chapter 56 You are all going to die
Song Yun held Song Rong Er in his arms and had already left a mark on each other. At the moment when Song Rong Er was in distress, Song Yun felt that his heart seemed to be struggling. He almost lost Song Rong Er.
I won’t let you get a little hurt. Song Yun was full of fierce murderous look when he said this sentence, but Song Ronger felt extremely happy.
He came, he finally came. Song Ronger’s mind was white and greedy, breathing the familiar smell.
It’s so good that the cloud is all right. Song Feng’s face was full of relief, and then he seemed to think of something. He quickly said that the cloud should go and take Rong Er with him. This time, the Black Dragon helped a lot of experts.
Father, don’t worry, I’ll just kill people this time. Today, none of the Black Dragon gang can leave. When I knew that the Black Dragon gang was going to Wang Jiazhen, Song Yun was not ready to let the Black Dragon gang touch the lamella and kill them.
Song Yun, you actually came. Wang Kun was saved by Song Yun’s punch. Although this punch was a hasty hand, it was not that Wang Kun could casually resist. At this time, Wang Kun’s eyes were full of horror, as if he remembered the scene of Song Yun’s killing in Yuanjing Mine.
Wang Kun will end our feud today. Today, you won’t run away. Wang Kun ran away once and turned into the present situation. Nothing Song Yun said this time will let Wang Kun run away.
You’re Song Yun. I want to see your business today. I’ll leave you in the Black Dragon Gang Department. It’s a good province to go to you. Since I’m here, don’t go today. Elder Zhang looks at this young point and is too violent. He is full of strong breath.
Although Song Yun, a six-star martial artist, just broke out and his strength was six stars, Elder Zhang never believed that Song Yunzhen had reached the level of six-star martial artist. Now it is confirmed, but what about this? Song Yun is a six-star martial artist, and he is also a six-star martial artist, plus the black dragon to help many martial artists win.
In the final analysis, Song Yun is a breakthrough to the Six-Star Martial Arts Division, and he has been a breakthrough to the Six-Star Martial Arts Division for many years, not only with rich combat experience, but also with years of tempering. He doesn’t believe that even Song Yun, who is not yet twenty years old, can’t beat him.
You are the elders of the Black Dragon Sect, so come to me from you. There’s nothing wrong with you. The last thing you should do is provoke me. Now it’s time for you to pay the price. Song Yun said lightly that it seems that you didn’t take this group of people in front of you seriously.
Arrogance, I’ll be interesting to see your strength. You dare to put our black dragon help out of your eyes. Elder Zhang is full of violent breath, as if he had been stimulated by Song Yun’s words and his face was full of angry expressions.
A palm of Taishan coping is generally towards Song Yungong. This palm embodies Elder Zhang’s vitality, and many changes are cited but not sent. From this recruit, we can see how rich Elder Zhang’s combat experience is.
If Song Yun confronts Elder Zhang, he can suppress Song Yun by his vigorous strength. He has been practicing in the six-star martial arts for many years. His confidence suppresses Song Yun, a martial arts teacher who has just reached the six-star martial arts. If Song Yun chooses to temporarily avoid the edge, then Elder Zhang’s many changes will immediately show that Song Yun firmly suppresses Song Yun’s opportunity.
Elder Zhang’s battle fulfillment is very rich, but Song Yun is also good. Song Yun is a past life age, but an old monster who has lived for more than 200 years is expected to be able to throw away Elder Zhang’s street distance.
Elder Zhang expected that Song Yun didn’t choose to stay away from the edge for a while. He punched the elder Zhang and attacked him with a palm, so that the two men became the strength front competition, that is, both of them were more energetic and who was more energetic.
Bang, a punch and a palm collide quickly, and the violent vitality keeps colliding in the boxing and palm world of two people. When a punch and a palm contact, it is very few, and the strength is almost instantaneous. Wu Gen doesn’t know what just happened.
How is it possible that Elder Zhang’s face turned red and white after three steps? At this time, Elder Zhang’s eyes were full of horror. In the front just now, he not only didn’t take the slightest advantage, but was also crushed by Song Yun.