It’s great that you finally came back. My leg is fine, but it’s almost better that time.

Wang Qishan, although the Qin dynasty was destroyed soon, has always been aware of this young man because of his sister’s rescue of Huai Yan. Now he has seen the Qin dynasty grow up and become an artist.
Qin destroyed is also a pair of regrets a lot of facial expression patted Wang Qishan on the shoulder.
I went from this blacksmith’s shop two years ago, but I didn’t expect to come back again. Now this is the real place to revisit. These friends are almost separated from each other forever.
Pour tea for me. Don’t be silly. This is Qin’s destruction. My brother, hurry up and get more benches for others to sit on. Forget it. Let’s go to the hall with me. Wang Qishan suddenly saw Qin’s destruction. It’s already a bit incoherent with excitement.
You’re welcome. I’ll leave after a few words. Where’s Qiu Shui’s sister? Is he getting better? Qin Chu waved his hand at those busy blacksmiths to stop the uproar.
Wang Qishan gave the cleverest apprentice a look at his hand, and the other party immediately brought a pile of big bowls and a big teapot, which were poured out by Qin in turn.
Qiu Shui has passed away. When she left, she said, let me thank you for knowing you. Those days were the most heart-warming time of her generation. When Wang Qishan arrived at his beloved sister, her eyes turned reddish again.
The paper crane ascended to heaven and the beautiful woman is gone. Alas, Brother Qishan, I won’t bother you. I’ll go home and see you again.
Qin put out a teacup with a sigh and a group of people went to the blacksmith’s shop and left for the north.
A line of people quickly walked to the door of the new house of Qin Dynasty, and Qin Dynasty seemed to casually ask what happened to the jade species Qin Yanyang.
Qin Yuyu’s look seems awkward. Finally, he said that two years ago, Qin Yanlie betrayed his family, causing his father Qin Sansu to stagnate into a disease and died within half a year. Qin Yanyan was also disqualified from walking into the hospital, and his status plummeted. He was also severely restricted by the family. Later, he was ordered by Aunt Huaiyan to see his poor intercession. He worked in a blacksmith’s shop to earn some money to support his family. I heard that he still had an old mother who was blind in tears and stayed with him. In fact, it is quite pitiful to get along now.
Qin Yuzhong quietly took a glance out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. Although Qin Yanyang is a big traitor, Qin Yanlie’s younger brother, he has fallen from a young talent admired by ten thousand people. This is really pitiful. Qin Yuzhong doesn’t want to see Qin destroy things.
Fortunately, the Qin dynasty seems to be asking casually. Oh, there is no text after one.
On the contrary, Qiu Jing seems to be quite concerned about Qin’s destruction of the past. From time to time, she smiles and asks Qin Yuyu, a poor Qin Yuyu, a little boy who just graduated from the college. In the face of this peerless stunner, he dare not offend Qin. It is really difficult for him to be Nuo Nuo and sometimes look around.
Chapter 15 Folding
Pushing the door of the house half-closed, Qin destroyed the lead and entered his new home.
At first sight, it feels good. First of all, the courtyard pattern is square, blue, brick and white walls. There are many bamboos planted around the north-south transparent courtyard wall. In the courtyard, there is a pool of living water, and swimming fish are faintly visible.
Qin destroyed just pushed the door and came in. Immediately, the servants came to ask. After some explanation by Qin Yuyu, several servants who stayed in the courtyard ran into the house to report to their wives.
Qin destroyed the servants who spoke politely and ran with great strides. All of them were strong and knew that Qin clan treated their mother well.
In a short time, Qin greeted each other quickly, and the two mothers embraced each other, but they were affectionate.
Seeing that his mother looked much better than before in the countryside, Qin couldn’t help secretly thanking himself for the clan life. It’s been a good year or two, but my mother has lived well, otherwise it would be unfilial.
Mom, these are friends I met outside. Take them home for a few days. Do you mind? Qin Miao held her mother’s arm and pointed to Jasper. Several people laughed.
How can I see your friends coming to your mother if they are happy? They all stay here for a few days and stay a few more days. I’ll let Shunfu buy wine and buy food to Qin now, and I’m also very happy to see so many friends again.
Jasper took the mad cow Muqiu and bowed to Qin at the same time. The three of them said thank you for your hospitality.
Qiu Jing gently moved Lianbu directly to Qin’s side and gently held her arm and smiled. Madam, you look so young. Don’t say that I am still Qin’s sister.
Qin nodded and smiled and didn’t answer, but took a deep look at Qin destroy.
Qin destroyed by mother this look at some uncomfortable immediately gave a gift, said niang this is my classmate the teacher elder sister Qiu Jing, we have nothing very innocent.
Even if it’s clear, it’s not necessary to speak directly. Qiu Jing Qin took a white look at Qin at the same time
Auntie, you can just call me Qiu Jing. I have followed my teacher with little magic since I was a child. This time, I will follow Teacher Qin to see what is not polite in the world. Please don’t take it amiss. Just turn Qiu Jing’s hand over and turn it into a silver bone hairpin’s hand and pass it to Qin’s face and say carefully, this is Qin’s request that I prepare a small gift for you. Do you agree?
Qiu Jing’s skill includes Qin’s destruction, and even Jasper’s three people are sighing. These big men are too careless to know that Qin’s mother and sister didn’t even remember to do some gifts at home.
Qin smiling without a word stretched out his hand and took the bone hairpin in the bun, she has always been decent, although she prefers Qin Huaiyan who comes to accompany her every few days, but she will not refuse other girls to destroy Qin’s good pleasure in front of her.
Seeing that my mother brought the white bone hairpin, Qin Miao was so surprised that her face turned white. Who is Qiu Jing? She’s a thousand-year-old monster. Can she bring the bone hairpin?
Qin destroyed her mother’s brutality, grabbed Qiu Jing and whispered in her ear, Hey, what the hell are you giving my mother? Don’t make me turn against you.
Qiu Jing didn’t good the spirit white his one eye force to break away from the qin dynasty out arm frowning and said, kind of you turn against me? Do you want to put a bunch of skeletons for entertainment now?
Seeing that Qin’s face is getting greener and greener, Qiu Jing is really angry when he knows that this guy has moved. Nunu said, you idiot. That’s the dragon’s teeth and bones, and the old man’s house is not invaded by evil diseases.
Qin destroy the spirit in bone hairpin swept a first when hearing this, but found a faint Rowen here to believe her words.
Qin destroyed also called your friend into the house and sat down. It was too rude to count Qin’s faint smile in the courtyard.
Qin put out the pendulum motioning with his hand avenue house is too stuffy or this courtyard is comfortable. You’re welcome. Horri-bull, go and move the big table in the hall. Let’s drink and chat at the bar in the courtyard.
Two years after Qin’s son, the artist has grown up and his voice is coarse. Even the manners are like a big man, but his heart is very good
How can you be a Qin man without drinking? Qin laughs. There’s not enough wine at home. I’ll buy it. If it’s not enough, I’ll ask my neighbors to borrow it. I’m sure you’ll have a good time today
Good Horri-bull, this guy came from the hall with a big round table with a size of ten on one shoulder. Hearing this sentence, Qin couldn’t help shouting, which made the servants around him laugh.
At this moment, an outsider outside the house shouted that the Lord of Qinxiang City had arrived.
Hurriedly, the servants came in to meet them from the outside. First, there were more than 20 servants holding celadon platters, then more than a dozen servants in gray came in with jars. Finally, there were four bare-handed small silver machetes. At first, it was the barbarians who dressed up as shepherds. These four men were even worse. They came in directly carrying a roasted sheep that was brave in oil.
After these fine wines and delicacies are settled in the hospital, the two are personable and laughing. If middle-aged people step into Qin Fu.
These two people are famous people in Qinxiang City. On the left is Qin Wang, the duke of Qinxiang City. On the right is Mr. Qin Sushan, who once met Qin. When they saw Qin, they bent down and bowed down.
Qin destroyed hurriedly reply, saying no, no.
Qin Wangren said with a heavy face of awe that you don’t have to mention it. This gift is for the people of Qin Xiangcheng. Thank you for the disaster two years ago. If it weren’t for the destruction of Qin Xiangcheng, the Qin clan was destroyed. Today, your artistic success is my Qin clan’s blessing and this Qin Xiangcheng’s blessing.
Qin Sushan is still the one who is free and easy-going. He laughs and laughs. All day long, your ears are starting to cocoon. We two old men are going to prepare a good dinner tonight. I didn’t know that the news that Qin destroyed you and returned to the city just after a table. I also know that you brought friends back. Then the two of us have no mood to eat this meal. It is really good to bring everyone here to eat meat and drink together.
Two high-ranking figures of Zongmen are willing to give a full face. What else can they say? Just don’t say anything. Say hello to everyone. Sit down in a big bowl and drink a lot of meat. Life must be full of pride.