For example, Nuwa Fuxi, the great god of Yin and Yang, has a much higher perception of Yin and Yang Tao than Yuanheng, and now it is also 50% like Yuanheng.

It’s good that those fairy gods who naturally advanced to this level can reduce two or three achievements.
Of course, it is more difficult for them to advance in this way.
But Yuan Heng was not complacent.
If you can reach the realm of just visible to heaven and earth before, it will be a poor benefit.
Returning to the heavens and the earth means that not only is the whole body mixed with elements to form a whole body, but the universe produces spiritual power, which not only can meet the needs of self-practice, but also has residual feedback to the heavens and the earth.
This is the realm of returning to heaven and earth.
And the sooner this realm arrives, the better.
After all, every time you return a little spiritual power, you can get a little merit, which is a good thing.
This merit and fortune is in great demand when it is proved that Luo Jinxian is a Taoist ancestor.
And if you want to reduce your own loss as soon as possible, this yin-yang channel is the first choice.
Followed by the Four Elephants Road and the Five Elements Road.
Everything else is a little worse.
Among them, the five elements are that every monk has more or less realized a lot when he condensed the five qi in his chest, but it is just a matter of more or less.
And Yuanheng owns the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, which is a treasure of five elements, and its perception of water is naturally not low, and the other four elements are not bad.
Yuan Heng feels that the five elements have reached a full six points as a whole.
Six points seems to be few?
However, if you think that it only takes 10% sentiment to know that this figure is actually very good.
After that, every step is very difficult.
The perception of five elements has helped Yuanheng save a whole ten percent of losses.
At this level, it is difficult for the five elements to be high.
So yuan heng will focus on the Yin and Yang way …
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Chapter 13 All fruits are brewed in heaven
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"Hehe, Brother Yuanheng, what’s so happy?"
When Nu Wa came far away, she saw a carefree feeling in Yuan Heng’s laughter.
"Oh, it’s Nuwa!"
I heard Yuan Heng turn his head far away and saw Nu Wa in a pavilion with a gentle smile on her face.
It is with these like-minded Taoist friends that we can go further and further, isn’t it?
"Nuwa, you Fengqi Mountain is stronger than Brother Heng Langshan, and many brothers are envious!"
Step by step, Yuan Heng’s figure appeared in the pavilion where Nu Wa is located. I found that I had a taste when I looked around from here, and I was amazed at my mastery of nature and harmony and my vision was really good.
To tell the truth, although his own Henglangshan Mountain is located in the far north center, there are several celestial fiends stationed in it, but the degree of management is not as high as here!
"Hehe, it’s good that Brother Yuan Heng likes it, but Brother Heng Langshan is a gathering place of fate in the far north mainland, and it will naturally go further in the future!"
With the long stay, Yuan Heng’s own situation is also clear to Nu Wa. Nowadays, in this Henglang Mountain, hundreds of celestial demons are there to exchange ideas. It is easy to surpass them in this number of roads, especially when this fortune treasure is still standing there-the temples gather together.
"By the way, Brother Yuan Heng, how about this thing?"
At this time, Nu Wa remembered what she had just finished, smiled and took out a crystal clear purple vial, which was produced by the combination of a dense purple essence at the only surface spiritual point of Yin and Yang Daomai, a specialty of Fengqi Mountain.
It’s very precious and rare. Even in Yuan Heng’s eyes, this thing is very good. It’s a good thing. I specifically asked Nu Wa for a little bit to prepare for refining my own spiritual treasure in the future.
And this small bottle is already a quasi-acquired Lingbao series, and there is a faint tendency to coagulate the fetus.
But it’s a pity that Lingbao the day after tomorrow needs refiners to concise the avenue, and Yuan Heng and Nu Wa don’t have the mind to consume fate and energy to directly raise it to Lingbao the day after tomorrow.
"oh? So soon? "
Yuan Heng was delighted to get a small bottle, and then … Pull out the cork and suddenly a strange fragrance wafted out.
Smelled Yuan Heng’s eyes and felt a strong fragrance, which overwhelmed him instantly with words.
As the fragrance hit Yuan Heng, I felt a shock of jumping for joy in the depths of my body.
"It’s really a good thing. It’s really nothing to say about the skill of Nu Wa!"