The first jump is from a certain sect, and the leader is also in his early twenties, but it feels quite capable. I have to say that some Daimon Masaru valves will indeed cultivate the second sai-jo, but the second sai-jo will never qualify for the Ming Jianzong test. This first jump is to develop in the opposite direction to the second sai-jo

The little boss didn’t speak. First he looked at the cliff for a while, then he took a deep breath and jumped out!
The first stone pillar is still quite thick, and the top is ten feet wide, and it is only a little more than ten feet away from the cliff. The leader easily landed on the surface and took a pause and jumped to the second thinner stone pillar in the northwest.
I don’t know if it was people who suddenly became rich in the clouds in the Rift Cloud Gorge at this time. Only then did the few leaders jump forward five times and disappeared into the clouds, and the roots here could not be seen! However, everyone can see that the sixth place is the most dangerous time for the little boss. What they want to see most is that the little boss jumps to the sixth place …
At this time, I can’t see it anyway. Do you want him to jump over or do you want a sudden scream in the clouds?
No one can see through other people’s thoughts, but to some extent, these people are actually not 100% competitive, because there is no rule on how many brothers can pass the test, and if they can all pass the test, they can all become brothers.
Xiao Wen-xin has already hung up. Although it was someone else who jumped, he was just as nervous, but a little bit of past screams finally didn’t come. It can also be confirmed that the little boss has jumped further.
After a while, Lu Yuanji suddenly said, "One is ready."
Then I saw that the stone pillars in the Rift Cloud Gorge were moving, translating, rising or lowering, but at this time, because of the fog, people could already see several stone pillars that were close to each other, but they could not see them at all on the opposite cliff.
The second man made a little preparation and finally jumped out and soon disappeared in the eyes of everyone.
A moment later, Lu Yuanji once again said, "One is ready for one."
After this repetition, the first four people quickly jumped over, and the fourth one was Xiao Wang from the grassland.
The last high-order fairy also jumped out in public attention. At this time, those middle-order fairies all thought that this kind of jump might seem scary, but it might not be difficult. After all, the success rate was there.
Just thinking about the sudden crack in the cloud gorge, I suddenly exclaimed, "Ah! ! !”
People can still hear that the person who makes the sound is falling rapidly, and soon he is completely hidden in the cleft cloud gorge!
Did it fall? ! !
I just said it might not be that difficult! !
At that time, I don’t know how many people in the twenty-five middle-ranking immortals got nervous and their hearts jumped "bang, bang" and their faces turned white.
Some people can’t help but think that Ming Jianzong can’t just fall and die by the tester. What kind of flying star boots can’t stop all the way without fairy skill? How can there be a way out?
Unfortunately, Lu Yuanji didn’t tell them the real situation, and even if they asked, they wouldn’t tell them.
Just when the stone pillars moved again, Lu Yuanji said, "In fact, every time the stone pillars are in a new order, it is not necessarily more skillful than the previous jump to draw lots."
No one spoke for a while. The boy from Zhao Rizong suddenly said, "I’ll come first."
Liu Yuanji nodded with a smile and said "good"
The young man paused at the edge of the cliff and jumped out. Then something surprising happened. The young man actually jumped to the back pillar without stopping at the first pillar root. That’s a fast speed!
That is to say, after three breaths of kung fu, the boy has disappeared into the clouds, and after less than ten breaths, Lu Yuanji actually asked with a smile, "Who is coming?"
Xiao asked immediately after hearing the sound, it was the cold young man who put his hand on the hilt!
At the moment, I’m at the edge of the cliff, and the young man is still pressing the hilt with one hand. This situation makes everyone have some words. This guy won’t keep this posture and jump in, will he? This kind of jumping is very particular about body balance, and almost everyone is sure that the young man can’t jump if he doesn’t loosen the hilt!
Then a stunning scene appeared. The guy actually picked the waist fairy sword and even the scabbard. His right hand held the middle of the scabbard, so that his arm could naturally swing and control the balance. Naturally, it was not a problem, but he could still keep his sword.
The …
I don’t know how many people sighed in their hearts, and then the cold young man jumped out and landed on the first stone platform without stopping, and fell directly towards a stone pillar!
Feeling this guy is fighting with Zhao Rizong, the boy?
This cold young man disappeared in the fog, and before long, Lu Yuanji made a preparation. Obviously, the young man’s achievement was not longer than that of Zhao Rizong. This is really a great man!
Then one tester after another jumped into the fog and finally fell off when the sixth person arrived!
I don’t know the mood of the people who fell, but the cliff is still waiting for these testers, but they are all scared and nervous.
"Come on one."
This time, Xiao Wen shouted that he really couldn’t stand waiting here any longer, and he was scared to death. Then he was so nervous that his legs trembled and he jumped into the stone pillar and jumped off the cliff directly …
Liu Yuanji nodded at Xiao Wen to indicate that Xiao Wen can stop.
Xiao Wen had already worn flying star boots and stood on tiptoe at the edge of the cliff. He took a deep breath and finally jumped out.
"Shout …"
The whole person jumped into the crack cloud gorge, and the mountain wind filled his ears, and he could hardly hear another sound. His eyes had left his first foothold, and the top was still a wide stone pillar …
My feet finally landed on the stone pillar, and Xiao Wen stopped and kept striding forward again, taking two steps and reaching the edge of the stone pillar. My left foot slammed again and the whole person bounced up again.
The wind fills my ears again, and there are clouds in my eyes, and that little foothold is too small …
When Xiao Wen was gliding, a mountain wind blew away the clouds at the edge of the foothold. Xiao Wen naturally saw the terrible depth of the party. What a fucking abyss! ! !
The abyss is like life, which is more unstable than trying to suck him in, and he can be sucked in …
PS fear of heights. Be careful. These two chapters will make your little heart jump wildly. Haha!
Chapter 12 Turn around
At the same time, Xiao Wen swore in his heart that he would pass this round of test. He would never go back to Cracked Cloud Canyon in his life, and even if he did, he would never take a look at this bottom canyon.
Xiao asked if there was really a kind of soul that was scared. This kind of stimulation is really beyond the ordinary people’s endurance.
Fortunately, he is still sensitive to his flying star boots. The second jump was neither long jump nor near success, and it landed right on that thin stone pillar.
Xiao asked that his feet were finally at the top of the stone pillar, but the root could not stay there for a while, and the root was only one foot square, so he didn’t reduce the momentum. At this time, he could jump out with the horse!
"Shout …"
Xiao asked after such a jump, he had to maintain a fast speed and disappeared completely from the eyes of the testers on the other side of the cliff.
Xiao Wen is still jumping forward in the fog in the middle part of Split Cloud Gorge. At this time, God J and jīng is really unprecedented in my life, and he is forced by reality …
At this moment, the only thing to be thankful for is that although the clouds and fog in the Rift Cloud Gorge are thick, you can hardly see the positions of several stone pillars that are close to each other, and you can always jump to the opposite cliff again and again.
After several difficult jumps, Xiao Wen finally ushered in hūn days. At this time, he is likely to have been at the highest stone pillar, and several stone pillars have become shorter and shorter. He can rush directly like a staircase.
God has eyes, so let’s get this over with …
Xiao asked took a deep breath and finally jumped out from the edge of the highest stone pillar.
Left front fall!