Lu Xiaoning helped her forehead. No wonder Zo In Sung pestered her a few days ago to tell her something interesting. She thought he was annoying and casually said a few paragraphs on the Internet before. It turned out that he was going to coax Chen Siyao.

"What are you talking about? So happy? " Lu Xiaoning pushed the door and went in.
Zo In Sung immediately up "xiao ning, you can calculate to miss Chen and miss shen have been waiting for you for a long time, you talk about me and go to the front to watch the point. Do you want to have dinner here? Zuixianlou wants a table to send the food. You must have a lot to say. "
It’s thoughtful of Lu Xiaoning to think. He wants to stay in Siyao himself. Forget it. Just do him a favor.
"No, let’s talk to Xiao Ning about something and then go." Shen Xinrui said politely.
"Sister Shen Siyao often comes to you and me, but I haven’t seen you for a long time, so let’s stay for dinner and talk about Siyao. What do you say?"
"By the way, when I was in Zhuangshen, didn’t Sister Shen say that she loved to cook squirrel fish in Zuixianlou? Yin Cheng remembered to order squirrel fish." Lu Xiaoning said.
Chen Siyao is willing to hold Shen Xinrui’s arm and say, "Sister Shen will stay. I want to try the drunken fairy house food."
Lu Xiaoning urged Zo In Sung to "Yin Cheng, you are quick to go" before Shen Xinrui promised.
"Oh, oh, I’ll go right away." Zo In Sung happily went to order. Xiao Ning was still very interesting!
Shen Xinrui is in distress situation. "It’s just you two. I’ll let the girl go home first and say".
"I have to let Purple Smoke go back and say" Chen Siyao said.
Lu Xiaoning naturally has to send someone back to tell her grandmother, or her grandmother will wait for her to eat.
Three people sit and talk.
Chen Siyao came first. "Sister Shen and I came here today to ask you something."
"You said"
"Sister Lai Lin’s marriage was scheduled for the sixth day and now it’s changed to the tenth day," Chen Siyao said.
Lu Xiaoning knew that the sixth day was the queen’s day, and it was ulterior motives. Who doesn’t know that the sixth day was the queen of the emperor’s grandson’s weak crown ceremony? This was to make the emperor’s grandson’s weak crown ceremony become cold and tidy, and the emperor let the noodle man draft it when he didn’t pay attention. Later, he discovered that the day was getting heavier and changed.
Chen Siyao went on to say, "All the gifts from the elders have been sent. I discussed with Sister Shen Du Wan that we still have to send a gift ourselves. Don’t we want to ask you if you want to accompany a gift?"
Shen Xinrui added, "Xiao Ning, we think that if the rain is going to get married, things have changed. After all, we are sisters. Although our friendship has only been here for a few months, we have all regarded you as a close friend. I believe that if the rain is in my heart, it is also a pity. Now there is such an opportunity …"
"Sister Shen Si Yao, you don’t say this gift. I’ll follow you." Liu Xiaoning interrupted Sister Shen’s words and couldn’t bear to see them talk carefully. She knew that their minds were all good sisters. Naturally, she hoped that everyone would be kind and take this opportunity to reach out and get back together with Lin Reyu.
She doesn’t mind reaching out and being nice first, but she doesn’t think Lin Reyu will appreciate it. She can’t embarrass Siyao and Sister Shen.
Chen Siyao and Shen Xinrui knew Xiao Ning was an open-minded person when they were relieved.
"Xiao Ning, it’s very kind of you. I was really upset and embarrassed when I came. After all, it wasn’t your fault. Now I’ll let you take the initiative to be nice …" Chen Siyao said with emotion.
Lu Xiaoning smiled. "Don’t say that. You’ve lost me, too. Lin Re-yu is good."
If she were in their position, she might also try every means to make friends who have become strangers, because they really value this friendship.
"It’s good that you don’t blame us for much," Shen Xinrui said.
If you want to convince Lu Xiaoning to get out of this step, they will say that if it rains, Xiao Ning’s birthday will arrive soon. They have already helped Lin Reyu with the birthday present. If it rains, they will nod their heads so that they can make up.
"By the way, Xiao Ning, the day after tomorrow is your birthday. You just have a rest, right?" Chen Siyao asked.
"Yes, I have come to rest to invite everyone to come to the house, but …" Lu Xiaoning lingered.
There will definitely be a big fight at home the day after tomorrow.
"No Xiao Ning, if you have something to do, you’ll be busy first. Let’s get together again after the nine-needle contest." Shen Xinrui smiled.
Lu Xiaoning laughed and said, "OK, I’ll treat you then."
"You’ve done it once. It’s my turn," Chen Siyao said.
Shen Xinrui said with a smile, "Don’t argue with me about my birthday. It’s almost the end of the Nine Needles Competition in October. Then you can celebrate my birthday and Xiao Ning with two birds with one stone."
"Then it’s a deal. I’m looking forward to it. I really hope it will come to October soon." Chen Siyao said with a look of expectation
Chapter 434 Stir the excrement stick back
After dinner, when Chen Siyao and Shen Xinrui left, Lu Xiaoning asked the office to give Chen Siyao two thousand two hundred silver tickets, which was her share.
Chen Siyao happily accepted this.
Chen Jia’s carriage has gone out of sight, and Zo In Sung is still there to pay attention.
"Ahem" Lu Xiaoning dry cough two Zo In Sung just came to my mind.
"When are you going to reveal your heart? I think Chen Siyao talks to you a lot! " Lu Xiaoning asked and smiling.
Zo In Sung rarely said shyly, "That’s because she is more lively!"
"Chen Siyao lively? She is lively in front of you and says that you have broken through her first layer of defense circle. You know, Siyao is very high in front of people she can’t recognize, and she won’t even look at you, let alone show her true temperament in front of you. "
"Really?" Zo In Sung scratched his head and smiled shyly.
"Why lie to you? You don’t have to do business all the time. You have to grasp the opportunity by yourself. How can you know if you can do it without trying? How do you know her mind? A lot of things are like this, and then I missed a sentence. I really can’t get together. At least I don’t regret taking out your business drive and insisting that Qingshan doesn’t relax. I wish you good luck. "Lu Xiaoning said solemnly as if he were an emotional expert, guiding Zo In Sung.
Zo In Sung looked up at the horizon at a 45-degree angle with a touch of residual red and sighed, "If only Siyao and I could have the same heart as you and Shaoye."
Lu Xiaoning is speechless. Who has a special code with Huangfu Shaoye? She doesn’t even know what HuangFuShaoYe thinks in his heart, okay?
At best, she and HuangFuShaoYe are now in the ambiguous stage, which is the most unpredictable time.
"What nonsense? You shop ah I walked first "Liu Xiaoning gave a hurried away.
The carriage Du Ruo the baggage and take the journey "handmaiden think miss Chen must see that Zhao Gong likes her. Every time I see miss Chen’s eyes, I see a little sheep shining like a hungry wolf. It’s called a diligent courtship to please miss Chen. You can’t see it unless she doesn’t like Zhao Gong playing dumb, but it doesn’t seem like it. If miss Chen doesn’t like Zhao Gong, she won’t run to the drugstore every now and then to know that you are not in the drugstore to help. Every time Miss Chen comes, Zhao Gong is in the backyard with her.
"Not bad, Du Ruo. I think you are really suitable to be a matchmaker. You are quite observant in this respect, but the analysis is also very reasonable." Lu Xiaoning teased.
Du Ruo flat nutcracker weak weak way "where where handmaiden compared with miss far".
Lu Xiaoning laughed drily. "You’re not so modest. Matchmaker’s career is also very glorious. It’s a lot of glory and greatness to match two surnames. Otherwise, I’ll leave the things of Zhao Gong and Miss Chen to you. If you can say that you are a lady, you will be rewarded."
"Don’t say that it’s time to set up a handmaiden and set up a lady’s lifelong event first and then set up someone else." Du Ruo said bitterly.
She’s really worried. Miss and Huang Grandson haven’t seen each other since the Mid-Autumn Festival. Miss is busy. Miss Huang Grandson is busy. He seems to be drifting away. It’s not feasible to rely on matchmaking for situations like Miss and Huang Grandson. It’s only by getting along with each other more and having a stable relationship that we can achieve good things.
"Hey, you’re getting better and better. Don’t worry about my business." Lu Xiaoning was defeated by Du Ruo and could take out the style of the young lady to suppress her.
Cardamom and others covered their mouths and snickered. In fact, they all admired Du Ruo, one of the maids in Du Ruo, who dared to argue with the young lady.
"Miss San is back," said the silent evening mist.
Whether it’s sound or softness, it’s very abrupt
Liu Xiaoning dazed a "is it? What does the old lady mean? "
Evening mist said, "It’s not the old lady. It means that the master sent someone to take Miss San back."
"What did the old lady say?"
"Have been back, the old lady can say? Warned miss San a few words also just "evening mist way.
Lu Xiaoning guessed that it was also my father’s meaning. Maybe my father thought that Fanghua was leaving Lujia for Qin Wangfu to let their sisters get along more.
"The muck is back!" Du Ruo said coldly.
"Yes, there are Angelica dahurica sisters staying alone in the house during the day. We are all in the drugstore to help us to stare at them, but it’s always not practical not to stare at our hearts." Shang Liudao