"All right, let’s not talk about it any more. Yang Daoyou’s horse is coming, and I’ve already checked this area. We should have entered the place where the spectre arranges the’ Yin Fog Fan Trace Array’ to wander around all the time and feel that we can’t fly out of this cold fog." Miao Zen master said somberly after receiving the knowledge.

"Yin fog fan trace array?"
Several other people smell speech are slightly pale.
"But this piece of cloudy fog has a great distribution. If we hadn’t known that the cloudy cold swamp was uncertain, we haven’t noticed it yet. It is said that the ghost’s magic power is very powerful. I just don’t know if there are many spectres hidden in it or a ghost king is staring at us." Miao Zen master said carefully again
"I’m making friends laugh at the slow escape, but are you stopping here again?" Yang Xiu didn’t arrive until now to see Mrs. Meng and others hesitated and couldn’t help wondering.
After listening to Mrs. Meng and their explanation, they couldn’t come up with any idea to stay aside and see if Master Miao and them could get out of this "misty maze"
"Master Miao, there are many methods and instruments in your Buddhism that can restrain ghosts. Now please break this misty maze!" Seeing that everyone doesn’t do it, Tianshi people obviously don’t want to contribute to breaking the array and can’t help but run on Miao Jackson.
Everyone agrees that it is really a wonderful Zen master’s Buddhist achievement method that can achieve better results.
Wonderful Jackson said it is not good to refuse, but to weaken the Buddhist title and said
"Then the poor monk will make a fool of himself first."
See wonderful Zen master took out a golden glowering arhat from the bag, with a height of one foot, fierce face and fierce eyes, such as fighting against a tiger and catching a python.
Miao Zen master meditates in Ling’s hand knot. Fo Yin eulogizes the scripture and glows at Lohan’s head.
It is an instant glare at Luo Hanhua to become a giant Buddha with a size of ten feet, and suddenly the golden light is full of hundreds of millions of rays.
Xiaguang shoots around, and the cold fog immediately rolls around and is gradually dispersed and faded by Buddha’s light.
But at this moment, a sudden change happened.
"Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack!"! From small to large, the distance is getting louder and louder, and it seems to be endless. The Buddha’s light near the earthquake is churning and being scattered a lot.
Yang Xiu and others can’t help but look a little white when they hear it. They have a feeling of walking alone in the wilderness, and there are several thunders around them, and they are dizzy.
Not good! Is "gouhun ghost sound" Yang Xiu almost automatically emerged in my mind this chilling ghost clan achievement method.
This spell will only appear when it reaches the "ghost king". When it is used against the enemy, it can make the opponent’s blood flow backwards and lose his mind.
If the monk can’t get rid of the "heady ghost sound" for a long time, it will be extremely damaging to control the perineum god by ghosts.
(It is recommended to collect no less than one)
Chapter seventy-nine The ghost king
I don’t know if I have a few days every month. Today, I have been in a bad state. Many of them are practical problems. At this time, I mainly gave up a lot with enthusiasm and never abandoned my ideals. However, my grades have not been ideal for more than a month, and I am far away. All kinds of feelings can’t help but make a mess of my head and I can’t find anyone to tell. I am here. My friends are complaining. Please forgive me. Third]
Yang Xiu nature can’t careless protection to keep his mind, and try to keep him from being influenced by heady sounds.
Most of the other monks are like Yang Xiu.
The Tianshi man took out a black, smoky, and wrapped him around.
Debye first put the alligator sitting in the armored dragon into the spirit beast bag, and then released several-finger-sized worms from another spirit beast bag. The insects in his mouth were densely covered on Debye’s body surface.
Mrs Meng took out two magic pills, one for Taoist Hua Lian and then sat cross-legged.
There is a wonderful Zen master’s deadpan. After hearing the heady sound, Fo Yin’s lips turn more frequently.
"Yi" suddenly heard a roar from Lohan, who was suspended in the air by glaring.
Seeing that Lohan’s left hand was holding the python, it seemed that he had come alive. He flew out of Lohan’s hand and turned it into a bucket of thick golden python, rolling and roaring back and forth in the cold fog around him.
Its sound also counteracts the influence of some heady sounds.
There is a wonderful Zen master who controls the Buddha python to slightly resist the haunting ghost sound. The rest of the talents give a sigh in their hearts or keep their minds to prevent the ghost sound from entering.
This just looked around from the new eyes, and the results made Yang Xiu and others feel tight.
Not far from the Buddha’s light, the cloudy fog turned into a black fog, and it was so hauntingly cold that a fuzzy black shadow wandered in and out of the black fog, and it was unpredictable around Yang Xiu and others.
Yang Xiu heard the haunting sound from that black shadow, and now it should be the ghost king.
Tianshi people exulted when they saw the shadow of the ghost king.
The "gathering yin banners" on his body is a magic weapon to gather trapped ghosts and increase the power of the magic fan, so now he can’t help but see that the ghost king has the idea of putting it in the gathering yin banners.
However, it is not easy for the ghost kings to successfully collect the gathering of Yin banners, because they all have their spiritual wisdom.
For insurance, Tianshi people sprayed a mouthful of Jingxue into Juyin’s banner to get Tianshi people’s Jingxue nourishing Juyin’s banner. Suddenly, ghosts floated in the banner, and ghosts cried and wailed from time to time.
Tianshi man threw the prepared gathering banners out of the Buddha’s light with a dignified face and controlled the gathering banners to cover the ghost king.
Of course, it fell into the eyes of Yang Xiu and others to see him take the initiative to deal with the ghost king. Although he was surprised, he didn’t say anything. If the ghost king was really solved by him, of course, it would be welcome
Therefore, all the people were watching quietly as the Stone Man cast a wonderful spell, and the Zen master flashed a sneer at the corner of his mouth, but all the people looked at the gathering of Yin banners and the Buddha’s light to keep out the strange sight of the wonderful Zen master.
The gathering banners flew into the ghost fog, and immediately a suction came out from the magic banners. The surrounding ghost fog was constantly pulled into the gathering banners by this suction, and suddenly it became a part of the gathering banners.
Gathering Yin, dying, nourishing, and now absorbing a part of the ghost fog, I can’t help jumping out from the magic banner, grabbing it and swallowing it.
Tianshi people can’t help but feel relaxed when they see the gathering of Yin banners to work together.
Just as he was about to destroy the ghost fog before coming to the ghost king, he saw the haunting sound of the ghost king come to a screeching halt.
Seeing that Juyin’s banners are devouring it, and refining the ghost fog hard, instead of being angry, Jie Jie laughed strangely.
This made Tianshi man’s heart linger, but things in the afterlife made him look big and cried out.
"What’s going on? I’m the ghost!"
I saw the ghost king flicker and fly near the Juyin banner, and then it conjured up a big hand and grabbed the ghost in the Juyin banner, then sent it to my mouth and chewed it up. From time to time, he stretched out his scarlet tongue and smacked his mouth, which was very enjoyable.
In this scene, the gathering of Yin, the mourning of ghosts, and the devouring of ghosts make Tianshi people show expressions that even heartache and disbelief. Yang Xiu and others are somewhat eclipsed, and the power of the ghost king is beyond everyone’s imagination