Mr. Zhang truthfully said, "Many of them are dude’s comments, and there are all kinds of rhetoric, but that’s the general meaning."

Lu Xiaoning said, "I see. Thank you for telling me that this is really important."
Mr. Zhang said, "I feel bad when I listen to it. Come on."
It’s definitely not a good thing for the princess to put on a heavy side room before entering the Qin Wangfu, especially for those people in Lujia. It’s hard to say that Wang Shi of Qin is a famous romantic man. What woman has never seen it before? It’s obvious that Miss Lujia’s sycophantic means are not generally high, even the top cards in Jinling’s major Chu pavilions have to be willing to worship the wind.
How do you say Miss Lu Er is that Miss Lu’s younger sister is said to be so ugly that Lu Xiaoning’s face is not light?
Lu Xiaoning said, "Please tell me if you have anything to do with Lujia after hearing it."
In places like gambling houses, the news is the fastest.
"That’s a certain miss. It’s my Mr. Zhang’s savior. It’s even more important for a small family to do things as your own business." Mr. Zhang primly said sincerely
Lu Xiaoning smiled and asked Du Ruo to go to the front hall to weigh a catty of Ejiao.
Mr. Zhang is determined not to "miss this is to discount the small miss how can you ask for a reward for your kindness?"
Mr. Zhang hasn’t studied it, but after a long time in the casino, he still has knowledge that Ejiao can only be enjoyed by rich ladies and ladies, so it seems that he has come specially to admire it.
Lu Xiaoning said, "This is for my Xiuyan sister-in-law’s health. I was going to ask someone to send it to you, just in time to save me a trip again. If you don’t take it, you will be a stranger to me, but I will be angry."
Mr. Zhang this just received.
Du Ruo went to send Mr. Zhang back to see Miss Zhang in a daze.
"Miss, it’s strange." Miss Du Ruo Dao has decided to cancel the plan, but it’s so bad. Who is going out?
Lu Xiaoning is also thinking about this question, and she is also wondering. The story of Princess Qin can’t be hidden, and it will cause discussion sooner or later, but it is too fierce. Some gambling houses have been discussing it all over the place, and it is estimated that it has been repeated. She won’t believe it if there is no one behind it
But who is this man?
It’s impossible for the Chen family. She did tell Chen Siyao that she abandoned this trick. The Chen family must respect her. Does it mean Zhao Wangfu? Zhao Wangfu and Qin Wangfu don’t deal with the infighting between you and me for more than ten years. When Zhao Wangfu heard about this, it would definitely destroy the marriage between Qin Wangfu and Lins. Isn’t Zhao Wangfu happy to see it?
"Look at it first," Lu Xiaoning said.
If it’s Prince Zhao, she can’t control it if she wants to, so let them eat dog by themselves.
Lu Xiaoning guessed that half of the public opinion was not promoted by Zhao Wangfu, but Zhao Wangfu discussed how to benefit it overnight after getting the news, which made Qin Wangfu look good. Today, he handed over several suggestions to Qin Wangfu early, and his behavior was absurd and violated the etiquette. It was pitiful that Master Lin didn’t know that he was a bitter man until the suggestion and the Qin Wangfu attended it. He went to [vertex network O] to see the refreshing.
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Chapter 352 Such as trade-offs
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The king of Qin was scolded by people at the court, and was called by the emperor to scold him. In my heart, it was called an angry man who went out of the palace and went straight to the princess’s residence. Gong E Yu Lin saw the report coming and quickly knelt down to salute. The king of Qin kicked him out a foot and immediately vomited an one mouthful blood * pop-up? @++www* C
Princess Qin was greeted with news from the inside, only to see that the sovereign was angry and Yulin fell to the ground, and his mouth was still bleeding. "What are you doing?" Which come so big temper "
The king of Qin said angrily, "I asked you to go to Lin’s house yesterday. Have you ever been there?"
Princess Qin’s heart thumped and it was over? Strong calm way "yesterday was supposed to go, but the empress was unwell and called the male and female servants to wait on the disease, which delayed it. The male and female servants have already informed the report, and the report has forgotten? Male and female servants are preparing to go out at the moment. "
The king of Qin just remembered that he had been in the outer room with the government minister since he returned to the office yesterday. The princess sent someone to talk about the queen’s physical discomfort. At that time, he was in the middle of a dispute in the official department. When he heard his mother’s physical discomfort, he was agitated and said unfilial words. The mother’s physical discomfort was nothing to care about after being alone in a country. It was a big mistake for his mother to call the princess to Liu Fu again and again, which also brought trouble to his children. When scolded by the emperor, the king of Qin was somewhat resentful and didn’t worry about it. He thought that he would go to the palace today and pay his respects to his mother. Who knew that something big would happen today?
He wanted Princess Qin to go to Lin Fu yesterday to explain things-she didn’t go to Liu Fu to discuss the marriage, and it was not unreasonable to explain things clearly, so that today, someone challenged Lin Da Xue to come out and say that this was all a misunderstanding, which could resolve the crisis. As a result, she was kept in the dark, and Lin University’s morale demanded to withdraw the marriage in court.
The king of Qin is really a pain in the neck at the moment. Everything has gone wrong this year, and his own mother, princess, son and daughter have also made trouble for him.
"You are all back," the king of Qin said with a calm face.
A room full of people would have been scared out of their wits. Come on, this sentence was immediately retired.
Princess Qin vaguely guessed that the prince was angry and was nervous. His face turned pale and asked, "Did someone take that thing as a raft?"
The king of Qin didn’t good the spirit way "what else? If you move quickly, maybe you can save the situation. It’s too late to say anything now. Today, the king has become a target. Linda is very popular. Please kneel down and ask the emperor to take it back and dissolve the engagement. "
If this engagement is really dissolved, what face does he have in the Qin palace? If you don’t have the face, you have to offend a vote of civil servants, which is very bad for his great cause
Princess Qin also panicked. "Is this … is this so good?"
It’s all because she didn’t think about Zhou Yu’s big mistake at that time. It’s already busy. She certainly can’t say that she followed the Empress’s meaning and went to Lujia to carry the pot. And she carried the pot, which is tantamount to the report carrying the pot. Princess Qin hates the Empress and hates herself for acting rashly, but she hates Lujia even more. If Liu Fanghua hadn’t run to the Empress and gossiped about it, nothing would have happened.
The king of Qin forced himself to calm down and mused, "What has happened can try to appease the Lins’ adults to break off their marriage. The emperor has not promised for the time being."
The emperor can’t promise. Where will the royal face go?
The emperor is giving him room for everything. How can he make irresponsible remarks if he can handle the Lins without blaming outsiders?
Princess Qin lingered and said, "Let the Lins calm down and let the male and female servants explain that they haven’t. Now the Lins have decided that we value the Lujia, and that Shao Long likes Miss Lujia, and this Miss Lujia can’t be taken."
She doesn’t like the identity of Liu Fanghua, and it’s even worse that she has such an unbearable mother who is rude and goes crazy. She gets crazy and hurts adults Lu …
When it comes to the Lujia family, when Mrs. Lu is crazy, she should decide to cancel the Lujia marriage
So the somebody else so the somebody else … The princess of Qin think all feel sick, but less long ghost lost their obsession that Liu Fanghua this will let Liu Fanghua into the door qin palace can also good? Can Shao Zhuo be okay?
The princess Qin did not hesitate to abandon Liu Fanghua.
The king of Qin deeply felt that "this Miss Lujia is really not a good match."
The king of Qin also hates Liu Fanghua for causing trouble. If this is his family, he will dispose of it early.
"After going to Liu Fanghua, I promise not to choose a side princess for less than three years. If you want to give the Lins any requirements, you should come to the general discussion. If you want to dispel the idea of the Lins’ breaking off an engagement, you should go to the old lady Xu Ge to invite the Lins’ house. Xu Ge is always the Lins’ adult Enshi Xu’s face." The king of Qin ordered.
"It’s a male and female servant. I’ll do it, even if it’s low and small. Today, I have to get it done." Princess Qin has given up her face and identity. This is not as simple as a marriage. A careless Qin Wangfu’s future is gone. What else can she do?
The king of Qin nodded. "Go quickly. If the king doesn’t leave the house today, he will wait for your news in the house."
Princess Qin solemnly promised to prepare gifts, and doubled the original gift before leaving the house.
As soon as Princess Qin left, the king of Qin also went to the room and ordered people to go to Jiangdongmen Wharf to call the world back and told him not to tell anything to the world.
Huangfu Shaolong is temporarily arranging a few boats to accept bribes in the deacon’s office at the dock at the moment. Looking at the stacks of colorful silver tickets, his heart is dark. This job is really a great benefit of oil and water. He also works hard to repair the dam, and when it is done, it will be fame and fortune.
Suddenly, I heard that my father told him to rush back to the office. Huangfu Shaolong felt a twinge in his heart. Every time my father called him back eagerly, it was no good thing. He asked me if it was a thing. My family refused to talk about the report and invited the world to rush back to the office.
Huangfu Shaolong didn’t dare to delay. He immediately got up and went back to the house. Huangfu Shaolong carefully reviewed whether he had done anything wrong recently. It’s really a little uneasy to think about it. Don’t let my father know that he deliberately delayed the construction period and forced the shippers to bribe him? Look refreshing and you will get to [vertex network O]
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Chapter 353 What’s done is done.
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Lu Xiaoning wants to meditate on the Nine Needles today, but now he can’t calm down * Pop-up window? @++www * c Zo In Sung volunteered to go to the palace to inquire about the news. Chen Siyao has come yet.
"Xiao ning out" Chen Siyao somberly with a hint of panic.